2020 Straw Bale Workshop Hosts: Last Call!

Written by Andrew Morrison

Apply to host a 2020 Straw Bale Workshop

Group Photo os straw bale workshopIt may seem like it’s far away, but the 2020 straw bale workshop season is actually just around the corner. There’s a lot to do between now and then, and a lot of fun to have on that journey. Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons people give for hosting a workshop.

  • You’ve already decided that you want to build with bales but you’re worried about the labor involved with baling your dream home. A ton of extra hands, yes FREE LABOR, would be just what you need to jump in fully.
  • You want the construction of your home to be a community experience, something you can share with friends (new and old), family, and people of like mind.
  • You know that the time it would take you to complete the same amount of work that a group of workshop participants can do in a week is not even a fair comparison. Why waste your time? SPEED UP YOUR BUILD.
  • You want help in the process, from start to finish. Having access to a straw bale expert would give you the confidence you need to build your dream home; especially since there are no consulting fees to pay!
  • You just want to have fun in the process! Building a house is stressful and you know that my workshops are a blast. What better way to temper the potential stress than to have a week-long party on your jobsite?
  • You want to SAVE MONEY. Yes, SAVE money by hosting a workshop on your property.

So if any (or all) of these reasons sound good to you, then submit your hosting application right away. I get, on average, about 60 applications each year and I only choose between 3 and 6 of them as hosts. It’s a big deal to host, and it’s worth every second of your effort! In fact, hosting a 2020 straw bale workshop may turn out to be one of the best choices you make in your life, not just in relation to the build. It’s truly a life changing experience. CLICK HERE to apply today!

Man standing in front of partially plastered straw bale wallsConsider that we typically have about 35 students in each straw bale workshop, many of which come with construction experience. If we’re talking “man-hours” (it’s an archaic term, but it’s what the industry uses), that’s 1960 hours in a single week! Break that down to what a couple of people can do, and that’s over 122 days worth of your life. That’s right, 122 days of two of you laboring side by side to accomplish what we can do for you in a week! The plastering alone is worth the effort of hosting, and there’s a LOT that happens before a hawk and trowel are even brought to the site.

Okay, so what does it take to host? Not as much as you might think. Of course there are deadlines, benchmarks, and requirements along the way, but nothing crazy. In fact, hosting will likely help you stay on track and on budget. That’s a good side effect! CLICK HERE to learn more about hosting and to submit your application today. The application is simple; however, I have some advice for you as you prepare yours. Make your application as sexy as you can! After all, you’re literally competing against other potential hosts, so you want your project to shine brighter than anyone around you. Here are some photos of last year’s Temecula workshop to inspire you with what’s possible on your own build.

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  1. I am definitely interested in hosting a straw bale construction workshop. I hope to purchase land this spring/summer in Wakefield, Quebec, Canada and want to build a straw bale home which runs off of the grid.

    I have just bought a spot in your workshop in the Adirondacks in Northern New York, early August, for my son, Calvin Sheasby, to attend as he is experienced in home renovations and construction. He will be my primary contractor to build our house; with assistance from myself and my partner.

    When would I need to apply as a possible site for a workshop for the summer of 2021? I am assuming that we won’t be ready to build this summer/fall as we will be getting things prepped for a 2021 build.

    thanks so much for any information or assistance you might have,


  2. Hello Beth. Thanks for your interest and excitement! You can fill out the hosting application from THIS PAGE and send it to me at any time. I don’t start officially reviewing applications until August or so, but it’s always good to get your application in early and then add details as they come in. That said, if you don’t have the land secured yet, I’d wait until that has taken place as it’s a “must have” to make a project possible. Cheers.

  3. Andrew,

    I’m thinking about having an addition put on my home and am considering the possibility of making it strawbale. Is this something that would work as a workshop?

  4. Hi Crystal. It’s possible that it could work for a workshop. Much would depend on the size/scope of the project. Feel free to check out the hosting page HERE and you can file an official application to host if it feels like a match.

  5. Andrew,
    I know 2020 is almost over. Is there a 2021 workshop planned? Have you ever combined straw-bale and shipping container construction? I’m kinna worried that my project may be too big.


  6. Hi Delandus. Our 2021 schedule is available for you to view HERE. Combining shipping containers and bales is an option for sure. There are some details you will want to make sure are properly handled to eliminate the risk of condensation causing rot within the bales.

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