What Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams?

Written by Andrew Morrison

It doesn’t matter what the dream is: building a straw bale house, a tiny house, a small house, changing your job, changing a relationship, or anything else. The answer is always the same. You are. Are you achieving your dreams?

It’s so simple and yet so often can seem difficult to change or overcome. The truth is that you are always able to create the vision you dream of. Always.

hand outstretched

I would love to hear about your personal experience with this. Perhaps you have a story to share that exemplifies this point. Or maybe you don’t agree with what I’m saying, don’t understand what I mean by it, or otherwise want to share your feelings about it. Please join the conversation in the comment section below no matter how the statement about achieving your dreams has landed on you.

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Oh, my goodness! What a timely question! My housing issue – wanting to downsize/simplify – is complicated a bit because my 84-year-old father lives with me. BUT! I could definitely start to downsize myself! And, I find I am holding on to a relationship that has really run its course – but I keep wimping out about ending it. I want to get moving on my life. Yep. I am going to do it!

Hi Kim. So wonderful to hear the excitement and passion in your comment. The key is to embrace that passion and know what you want for yourself and then act upon it. Of course, when there are other people involved in the equation, you might choose to consider how your actions will impact them. It may be as simple as telling them that the time has come to move apart and go separate ways. It may be that you need to have a more gentle approach. Only you can know that. Remember that you are not responsible for other people’s… Read more »

what happens when you have been beaten down so much over so many years that you cannot remember what you dreamed of being. doing. what happens when the realities of day to day existance. sustenance. housing. menial work. have driven all thought.hope.concept of dreams out of your life?

Eric, this is such an important question and one that I think many people are afraid to ask. Thanks for sharing it. I went through this myself some years ago. I literally felt like no matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried to move forward in a meaningful way in my life, I got knocked down again and again. I had that feeling of being defeated. I lived a life where I was simply surviving, not thriving. So what changed? Nothing outside of me changed. My life continued in exactly the same way it had been except… Read more »

You are right. I guess the bottom line for most of us is that the roadblock in front of us was created by us. A few moments ago I was standing outside looking at the moon and the mountains and listening to the cows and the coyotes. I was thinking and praying about the strawbale house I would like to build and turn this 10 acres into a boys ranch. A place where young men can learn some practical skills for living and build some self esteem in the process and a quiet place to have time to meditate on… Read more »

Hi Mary. Fantastic. What a beautiful image: the dream of the boys ranch and the vision of you standing in nature experiencing your dream firsthand. I love that. I too find that nature offers me so much perspective. One of my favorite things to do is to work in the orchard, pruning trees, listening to the wings of crows as they fly over. There is something so grounding about that. I encourage you to change the wording of your last sentence to: “I am still dreaming the dream, AND am far away from giving up on the idea.” That one… Read more »

I love this question. The mind is a slippery character-we can be a master of the mind or a slave to the mind. Its our relationship with our own mind, and our understanding of our own thought processes that determines whether we are free or enslaved. For me, I pay attention to how my body feels, with each thought that I run, and/or how my heart feels…these are my tickets to freedom. And freedom is different for all of us. If a thought serves me, I will notice a positive resonance (a good vibration). If a thought enslaves me I… Read more »

Beautifully spoken Pam.

I have bought your dvds for the second time. the first time was about 1 1/2 years ago in alabama. but now i have moved to mexico and i just received them while i was in tucson for cancer surgery. but i will return to mexico in two weeks and i will begin to build my strawbale dream for me and the family i help to care for there. thank you for the insperation of building an affordible home for me and for the poor family i care for there.. God Bless you and keep up your good work.

Thank you Dallas. I wish you the best and complete success. I love hearing that even though you, yourself, just had cancer surgery, you still have a big enough heart to care for another family. Beautiful.

I’ve been dreaming about building a new barn for the cows I take care of and building an eco-village around it. I’m part of a Hare Krishna community in the Belgian Ardennes and self-sufficiency, ecology, simple living are part of our philosophy. However doing something like that in a community where there are so many other priorities is not that easy. So I’ve been working on ideas by myself and talking about it with Krishna (God) and all of a sudden there is a lot of support and I ended up with a team of 6 people. Now we can… Read more »

Fantastic. That shows to me another example of the power available to us if we are focussed and we ask for help. Who you ask for help from is up to you. It could be a friend, a family member, your God or anything that resonates with your heart. The power of positive thought and movement is palpable.

wat is stopping me,I tel you Money ,Money is stopping me . I made a dream home straw bale house in miniature en it sits on my dresser .

Hi Doris. I know it would appear outwardly that money is what is stopping you, and that likely feels completely real; however, I believe there is something else in the way, other than money. I say this based on my own life and how I have seen what appeared at the time to be impenetrable boundaries crumble almost instantly when faced with the “real” answer. I would ask of you this: if money is truly the issue, what stops you from finding enough to move forward? What have you done to inspire an angel investor, a donor/sponsor, or to somehow… Read more »

Love it Andrew! It is often so hard to see that what stops us is so often our own reasons for not taking things on. Sometimes we are afraid, sometimes we think we do not know how, sometimes we are afraid of how we will be perceived by others. About 3 years ago I chose to give up my reasons; to not listen to the inner conversation about why things could not be done. I put total trust in the idea that I could achieve anything that I wanted, be whoever I wanted. Not to boast but I’ll share the… Read more »

What an awesome example Greg. Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story. I don’t know what else to say other than congratulations on following your heart. In the end, all we have is our own inner journey. All of our “influence” on the outer world originates inside and expands out from there.

My family and I are at the other end of the process- we are just completing our straw bale home on a 17 acre homestead. We have had to deal with some nasty complaining neighbors throwing wrenches into our plans, as well as friends and family turning their noses up at our muddy hands and boots. Many others were right here with their hands in the mud with us, though. We have lived in a 5th wheel camper with 4 kids (3-10 years old) while we built and mudded. Thank God we have been able to stick it out. Soon… Read more »

Congratulations Amanda. It can be so hard to live ahead of the curve. It has never been easy from Mandela and Gandhi to those of us building “natural and small” houses. Of course, the level of difficulty for each of us will vary, but what is important is that we stay in OUR center living what WE know to be true. People will come around, or they won’t. Either way, we stay centered in our lives and in our dreams.

Andrew, thank you so much for posing this question. I think I am a mix of the eternal dreamer, but also when I get down…I get really down. I love all the comments so far! I especially love Mary’s dream, but so desperately understand Eric’s comment. I love your reply Andrew, and know beyond a doubt that the power to change our lives is held in our own mental perspective. When I find myself feeling hopeless, I try to just focus on this day. All of our fears for the future are unfounded because we don’t know the future. We… Read more »

Hi Shannon. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. I love your comment about not buying into the fears about the future. One of my favorite approaches to future based fear is to recognize that I am just making up a scary story, nothing more. As you note, nobody knows what the future holds, so any fear I have in the present is based on a story I am creating about the future. Once I know that, I can decide what kind of story I want to make up, a scary one or a fun one. I choose the latter. After… Read more »

I spent a long time denying my dreams as silly and air-headed and putting them off. It took losing a large number of family and friends to divorce to make me realize the life I had wasn’t the life I wanted, and that I’m not stuck in this place. It’s scary, but I’m on the road towards my dreams. I want to help build an intentional community and retreat center on a farm in NC–the structures would be straw bale and it would be as environmentally friendly and off the grid as possible. But the people and the relationships in… Read more »

What a wonderful story Anneliese. Congratulations on finding a new path for yourself. One that speaks to your heart and soul. I wish you the best of success on your journey. As you said, it can be scary at times, but what I always try to come back to is the memory that when I am aligned with my inner truth, there is nothing scary “out there.” Moments of fear will still find their way in, I suppose that is human nature, but I don’t have to invite them to stay. Instead, I can invite them to teach me what… Read more »

My dream is to build a small strawbale house in my backyard and use it in the winter. My current residence is large and poorly insulated. I would make a great barn and summer residence. I’m building a wood fired bread oven now (I’m my own contractor too!), and plan to add a masonry stove for heating. Then the house goes up around those structures. A tiny house, with a bread oven, masonry stove, and a heated bed. Awesome!

Sounds wonderful! Be careful with using a masonry stove in a tiny house because you can really quickly overheat the place and masonry stoves have so much mass that it can be hard to cool the space down again. If it’s a small masonry stove and you only light tiny fires, you will be fine. Also, be sure to provide outdoor air to the stove so it doesn’t steal air from the house for combustion. In a tiny house, that could be a real problem and safety issue.

It’s important to have goals and strive for them. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have something to work toward no matter what your situation, and many great things may be possible. Having said that, I think it’s also important to be realistic and recognize your dreams are only possible in as much as the circumstances of life allow (I could get very theological here, but I’ll spare those who may not believe the same as me). There’s so many things in life outside of our control; disaster could strike rendering a goal moot, or something even better could come along.… Read more »

The only thing I would add to your comment Nathan is to leave a little room for magic. I know how easy it is for us “grown ups” to forget about the power of magic, but I have seen it as a grown man and been totally blown away by it. Walking on another planet…probably not, but who knows? Maybe magic will step in and/or science will drastically change. My point is that I don’t see anything wrong with dreaming big, even huge, as long as you are not expecting to see results each time you dream big. Allow magic… Read more »

The title of the post really hit home for me. I am a 20-something currently in a tight situation where it feels like my dreams are terribly far from me due to the weight of responsibility on me. My mother and I share a car that is on its last leg. My mother make just enough to pay the bills and would have any cash once the car stops running. I have some credit card debt and student loans to pay and would have enough also to fix the car. There isn’t enough money for a newer car either. The… Read more »

There is no accident that your name is Faith. It will take a lot of faith for you to find your way to the first three dreams you feel are unattainable. I don’t see them in the same way you do. I see them as attainable for you. One thing I have learned over the years is that just because I can’t see a way for something to happen does not mean that it won’t happen anyway. Very often things happen whether I am aware of them happening or not. Magic, Spirit, God, Faith, whatever you want to call “it”… Read more »

Strangely enough, I think it was our journey into straw bale building that made us realize that anything was possible. People looked at us funny, and shook their heads behind our back, but we knew in our gut that it was the right way for us, so we carried on. While we didn’t end up building the home we thought we would (the land we had our eye on fell through) it opened our eyes to the fact that anything is possible! We’ve since downsized our home, have moved to a small, loving community, I’ve left my job to be… Read more »

Sold everything I had, left my job and my country and moved to Poland to follow my straw bale dream after thinking about it for far too long! Have picked up some great tips from your DVDs and website along the way. The build is still ongoing but we have the walls up and plastered on the outside for the winter. Blogging about it all on wordpress: winkos.wordpress.com

Nice Eddy!

My goal is to live with my family in a strawbale energy plus house within 5 years and to become financially independent in 10 years.

Getting out of your comfortzone is often a first step to achieve goals you won’t receive otherwise. This might not be always easy, especially not when you become “different” then other people. But it’s definitely worth it to follow your heart and dreams.

I’m on my way to achieving my dreams 🙂

Keeping a positive, compassionate, nurturing attitude toward yourself is essential. If you don’t have faith in yourself, every turn of the day is a burden. Even though it is taking longer than I’d hoped, I know that my dream of the self sustainable ranch/retreat/animal rehabilitation(and whatever else may evolve) will happen. Through positive thoughts and actions, I’ve found great friends who are not only willing to help with my dreams, but are also interested in straw bale/ smaller, self sustainable living as well. Every event/ task/ action can be seen as a part of the journey, a lesson; not an… Read more »

I feel a lot like Eric expressed above… like I’ve been so beat down as an adult that I’ve completely lost sight of my dreams and goals. I’m really struggling to feel positive about anything in my life right now. I’m not where I want to be, and I’m tired of fighting against the massive waves of negative energy I’m being constantly bombarded with. Ever since I moved back to CO, I feel exhausted and drained, (and the stress is making me gain weight, which just pisses me off). I’ve tried going back to the gym a few days a… Read more »

Hi Rachael. I love that you speak so openly about your current condition. I don’t know if condition is the right word here or not, but the feelings you are having and the associated physical expressions of those feelings are certainly temporary and thus, a condition. You may need to start at the beginning again. That’s no big deal, it happens from time to time for some of us. Start with simple pleasures. I know you must have them in your life. It could be smiling when you see a baby smile at the supermarket, or watching a beautiful sunset… Read more »

Brandon Hunt Nov 21 (7 days ago) to me After reviewing your information provided, it has come to my attention that we will be unable to provide you with a home purchase loan. Your income is not sufficient. I wish you the best,to Brandon MY REPLY Brandon What would be the income necessary to buy a $60,000 home ? or what price home would I qualify for at my current income ? As I calculated it my housing cost today of $790 mo (see bank statements) would be reduced by a minimum of $250 mo So if I can afford… Read more »

I feel like I’m ‘halfway’ to my dream. I have the land, living off my meager retirement savings until I have finally found a job which just barely meets my expenses. I’m having to support the old house in which I live (8 miles away from my land which is where I ultimately want to live) and not able to save up anything in order to live there. I feel stymied by this situation — unable to build because of lack of funds and unable to sell my current house because I need someplace to live. I am also feeling… Read more »

Steven pressfield lays it out in his book, The War Of Art (http://www.stevenpressfield.com/the-war-of-art). Resistance is what we all encounter as humans when we are doing our “art”. When we have dreams, goals, aspirations and are doing (or even contemplating) our “art”, then “Resistance” always steps in. If we listen to it and stop, then our “art” is lost and we are doomed. The key is to keep moving and doing the work to overcome “Resistance”, and create our “art” in the face of no money, no hope, no outside support – well, you get the idea. When we give up,… Read more »

I love that book Howard. I too remember hearing years ago that the difference between the successful and those that never become so is this: the successful get back up after they are knocked down and will never be defeated. I used to have a poster in my office that had Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, and one other man I can’t remember right now. Each quadrant of the poster laid out all of the major failures that each man had in his past before becoming the president and ultimately an icon of history. If Lincoln had given up… Read more »

For years now I have dreamed about building a strawbale house. I bought 2 of your DVDs Andrew, I attended a strawbale building course,here in Canada and I have a rough outline of what I would like to build. However, I continue to have so many questions about the finer details of building, having never built anything on my own before. I think about all the things that could go wrong and so prevent myself from progressing from the planning stage. I have visions of starting a project and never finishing it, or making some huge basic error, that does… Read more »

What you are experiencing is totally normal. There are two things at play here (at least). First you are being cautious and that is a smart thing to be. Having never built a house before, you are right to be concerned about going it alone. Too many people jump in alone and end up in trouble. So this is a healthy concern you have. Secondly, you are projecting fear into the future with no direct basis in reality. This is not as good an idea as the first part. 🙂 What you need to do is realize your limits and… Read more »

Absolutey, so true, no matter what seems to be an obstacle, you can always choose to allow the obstacles to dissolve, staying focused on the knowing that you are valued, and worth having all your wonderous dreams adventures come true. You don’t always have to know how your dreams are going to be achieved or manifest, just know that you can and that they will. And always surround yourself with those who know it too!

Wow! that’s a big subject. …but well in keeping, i think, with the idea of sustainable building practices. it’s timely for me, as well, and made me think…. having just been ‘terminated’ recently from a very stressful job, and begun re-thinking my life. i’ve been one of the lucky ones, i guess (some have said foolish) i’ve achieved several dreams in my life, so i know it’s achievable…. just need to decide what the next one is, i guess. thanks for the reminder

I’m with Doris–and also with your response to her point. To say it another way, I am trying to make sure that my transition into a sustainable lifestyle is itself sustainable. I very much want to create and inhabit my dream lifestyle (smaller, less expensive, easier to maintain, more in tune with nature and the style of living that we all will eventually have to adopt unless we want a dead planet…and so forth), but I also need to realize that I can’t do it all at once. Small, sustainable changes are always doable, and each one moves me closer… Read more »

Wow, the timing of this question couldn’t be more perfect. I lost my house in the mortgage fiasco(currently renting), quit my big money corporate job, and am living off a small wage as an adjunct faculty at a university. I have had several garage sales and pretty much have my belongings down to something that could fit in 600 sq. ft. or so. My kids are grown adults, I have some independent income, and could go anywhere. The problem is I feel like such a failure at life. I just turned 55, I’m single, I can’t really figure out what… Read more »

Here’s the good news Diana…you have already started! Look at all the blessings that you have laid out in your message. 1. No longer a slave to the big money corporate job. 2. Living off a small wage. 3. Downsized from excess to what you need. 4. You are 55. To me I hear wisdom has found you. 5. You are single…opportunities abound! 6. You are fit. 7. You have independent income. 8. You are attractive. 9. You are smart. 10. You are healthy. 11. You have grown children (whom I assume love you). 12. and the best…You don’t yet… Read more »

Commitments to other people stops me. Well, that, and lack of knowledge and resources. I’ve wanted to build my own home since I was in my mid 20s and started collecting info on it. I’m pushing mid 30s now and I don’t see myself being any closer to achieving that dream. I don’t even know if my husband would support me in this because when I don’t completely know how to go about doing something, I drag my feet a lot – and building a home is a huge undertaking with lots of variables, and if I can’t get him… Read more »

Hi Michelle. As I have said to others in my comments below, focus your energy on the positive. The reality is that you are focusing energy right now anyway, so why not direct it towards the positive? You may want to hire a consultant to help you with the land purchase and another one (or the same one if they are qualified to do both) to help with the construction project. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. You can do the vast majority of the work and get some help. Many of us have a hard time asking… Read more »

I agree from the bottom of my heart. My life have had many challenges, being the lastest one that I’ve got MS, and it limited me in so many ways (at the time when i was diagnosed, i was just getting used to living in a foreign country and coping rather well with racism, lenguage, misconceptions, culture shock, etc) so it felt like i life was waiting for me to overcome an obstacle to put me an even bigger challenge… Long story short: it was a blessing i got those “life misfortunes” as they helped me to grow larger than… Read more »

You rock Alicia!!!

Andrew, as you know I work with people who wish to overcome their limiting self beliefs using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Ho’oponopono. I have written many blog posts and articles about limiting self beliefs, lack of faith in self and how to move forward when feeling stuck. You show a wisdom and insight that has true depth. Thank you for these questions and to your readers for their open and honest responses. It is really important that we feel comfortable exploring our feelings without guilt. I would add that feeling stuck and not good enough can come from very… Read more »

Hi all of you enthusiastic “doers and dreamers”. I decided to join in here and tell you what is stopping me having my dream of a straw bale house. All you have to do is read my website. I am now a 69 yr old single woman semi disabled (by chronic pain…and orthopaedic surgery). I’ve never known what it is to be really loved. I’ve been severly abused and taken advantage-of when I was young and vulnerable.At 40 I managed to buy an old miner’s cottage, very dilapidated but with good “bones” and, being still strong enough and determined enough,… Read more »

Hi Robin. I feel sad when I read your words. I want to say something inspiring; however, I think what really is needed here is an ear to listen and some one to say they care. You may not have the physical strength, financial ability, or personal drive to do what needs to happen for your dream to come true, but I DO believe that you still have a chance of seeing it happen. Perhaps it will be simply telling your story here or in another space. If your story connects with the right person, things can happen that right… Read more »

OOPS. Forgot to list my website in my comment. Here it is:

http://[email protected]

If that does not take you there just Google Ex Pastorelle Sister Speaks Out
Thanks for this opportunity.

I and the people in my family are big believers in the power of positive thinking, mind-over-matter, and thinking big (with a little of that magic that Andrew Morrison refers to). Given the history of my ancestors, and even the current though much much better climate my descendants and I live in, we have to think positive and big, and find humor and laughter in the world we live in, or we’d be miserable a lot of the time. I have to admit though to being a little wary of terms like “always” and “never,” and do believe there are… Read more »

Hi Angela (#55). I appreciate your insight and your sharing with us. I was not originally going to respond to your comments because I wasn’t sure if I could address my perspective here without offending people. It can be hard to get words across clearly in written form. I’m going to give it a shot because after meditating on it last night, and checking in with myself again this morning, it still feels true that I want to respond. I understand what you are saying and I do see a clear distinction between those of us who live in areas… Read more »

I am right there with so many of those who have posted comments on this site. I stumbled across your site after doing a google search on straw bale homes. I cannot begin to count the times I’ve sat in the bookstore or library looking through the very limited material on this type of home, and allowed myself to dream. I also believe in creative visualization. I believe all things are possible and somewhere, somehow, I stopped dreaming quite some time ago. I am returning to that place I abandoned because I know I need something, even if it is… Read more »

FAITH # 27 where are you ? Jon #29 above

Addition to #29 This just cam into my email

If you have some extra space and would love to show Carson City to others, while meeting interesting travellers from around the world, then list your space on Airbnb and make money while doing so. Your apartment will pay for itself!
A straw bale B&B with a valley view and Virgina City 6 miles up the canyon

Andrew # 28 Does it not take a village to raise a child ?

A village is a great way to raise a child. I will say that I have stayed in AirB&Bs across the country and I love the experience (usually).


thanks for all of the words of wisdom! You are an inspiration to me!

One thing I would add to all of these wonderful posts is that along with finding in ourselves the desire and will for our dreams to come true is to also find others who will stay by us helping us to dream big and accomplish these dreams.

The only thing that has ever stopped me from doing anything has been disappointment from previous enterprises. It’s the residu of bad experiences, things that haven’t gone quite as I had envisaged them to go. But I think I’ve solved this issue, this is my stategy: I release my expectations and go in, expecting the unexpected which is always to be expected, and do whatever it is as long as I’m having fun. Really just like a kid. As soon as I get tired or when I’m not having fun anymore I stop for the day and I start afresh… Read more »

Valeria # 37 Where do you live Maybe we could work together to realize your dream because it looks to me we are in the same boat with a hole in the hull and the pump is too small for the leak Jon # 36

Personally it is my dream of building a healing retreat center with straw bale cottages that helps make my current life circumstances bearable. Even though I am broke and sleeping on the floor in a friend-of-a-friend’s house until I can find some steady work I hold onto my dream. The challenge for me is balancing being in the present moment with holding a vision for the future. Despite the misgivings of my spiritual coach I still believe we can hold an awareness of this moment while touching base with a vision of the future. My more immediate dream is to… Read more »

TO Andrew from Robin…a big TRHANKS for your words of encouragement!I will look into Al Rodee’s EFT..sounds interesting. Who would have imagined-STRAW BALE HOUSES AND LIFE-PHILOSOPHY!
I made a real mess of my website address. Try again- Here’s my WEBSITE: http://ladyrob.yolasite.com.
Here’s my Email:- [email protected]
All contacts from knights in shining armour and knaves up to their elbows in it welcome!

Response to Andrew Morrison: I am very touched by your direct question and thoughtful responses. I recently read “the Art of Nonconformity,” which gave me the courage to start taking my dreams very seriously. At 27, I feel like I am just now beginning the practice of clearly identifying what I want and taking steps to achieve it. It seems that this requires creative vision, resourcefulness, and will. This is a whole new way of engaging with the world for me; I personally never learned these practices through my conventional education! One thing I struggle with, as I cultivate this… Read more »

Hi Rose. I find that the best way to tell if the short term hoops are in line with or against the overall life goals you hold is to stop and feel into them. What does your heart tell you? Very often, our hearts know exactly what is going on when our minds get stuck in the “shoulds” of the world. If you hear yourself saying “I should do this”, I would be sure to stop and take stock of what is really happening. The heart rarely, if ever, says “should.” The heart moves with grace and effortless poise through… Read more »

Hi Andrew, I need some HELP and Advice. I am a 36 year old single Mom of a 9 yr old and expecting my 2nd child (the father lives out of the country) I lived in TX in the city and I am ready to moved somewhere of beauty and simplicity for my children, I was thinking of TAOS, NM I have managed to save up $10k my dream is to build a strawbale house for the 3 of us my life over the years have taken a turn for anger, resentment, regrets, and shame. My own mother wants nothing… Read more »

You are absolutely right! I am the only one who is is standing in the way of me achieving my dreams. I started a online business recently and are coached by 2 amazing people. I am reading books how to connect with people, go to leadership seminars etc. But I can’t connect with people. Probably deep in my heart I don’t believe I can. It has a lot to do with the things we think about our self. I ones read that: There has to be a thought before there is an emotion.

My dream for the past 10 years has been to have a strawbale yurt. Right now I’m closer than I have ever been to realizing it. I have some resources some land right behind our property that isn’t being used. In fact, the house is condemned and the owner hasn’t been on the property for 2 years.
What is stopping me right now, is not being able to find the owner.

You might check with the city/county to see what the laws are regarding a condemned property. You may be able to claim it if the owner has abandoned it. Of course, making sure the owner has indeed abandoned it first is important as you don’t want to snatch it from under someone else. Also, make sure the property is safe as many abandoned homes have been used as meth labs in recent years, I’m sorry to say.

I believe. I dream big, and my dreams come true. When I was six years old, I begged my parents to teach me how to write (I had to wait until first grade) because I wanted to write books. In a college application that didn’t accept essays, and for which my grades and scores didn’t qualify me, I sent an essay. The director of admissions wrote me a personal letter of acceptance, and thirty-five years later, that little essay is still being published. So many people told me to forget about writing and study something practical; today I am the… Read more »