Add Your Straw Bale House to the International Straw Bale Registry

Written by Andrew Morrison

straw bale registryHere’s a simple call to action. Please add your straw bale house to the International Straw Bale Registry! It helps all of us who are interested in straw bale construction. If you have a straw bale house, please take the time to add it to the registry. You don’t have to accept visitors or calls unless you want to. It simply helps people to realize that there are a lot more of us out there than it might appear. We NEED to bring this amazing technology to the main stream. This is a simple step to help promote straw bale construction. Here’s the link to register your house today.

As of today, there are only 765 listings in the United States. There is no way that is accurate. I firmly believe that there are many, many more straw bale homes in the US, but people have been afraid to register theirs in the past for several reasons. The main reason being worry that they might some how get in trouble for their home. If your home was built without permits, that is a fair assumption; however, if it was legally built, then there is nothing to worry about.

So please, take the five minutes it will take to register your home and help the next person down the road realize their straw bale dreams.

2 Responses

  1. Firefox gives me a severe warning when I attempt to go to the strawbale registry. They say the certificate is “self-signed” and originates in Sofia, Bulgaria. Has the legitimate site been hacked?

  2. Hi Bruce. Thanks for sharing this information. I just visited the site to check it out myself and got a similar message. I think that you may be right in thinking the site has been hacked. I’ll try to contact them to let them know.

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