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CASBA 2017 Spring Conference

Just want to share a quick announcement about the upcoming Spring Conference in Petaluma, California. The event will be held May 5-7th and will, once

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happy family
Contracting and Consulting

Enjoying Your Straw Bale Build

Enjoying your straw bale build is something that many people simply assume will happen. They believe that since they’re really excited about the idea of building their

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insurance for straw bale houses

Geico Insurance and Straw Bale

Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I can’t help but notice how front and center the idea of a straw bale house is in this advertisement.

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Walsenburg straw bale workshop Group Photo
Videos and Podcasts

Inspiring Straw Bale Workshop Video

This is a must watch if you are interested in attending a straw bale workshop. In fact, even if you are not planning on attending, this inspiring straw bale workshop video is worth watching anyway. The video really sums up the workshop experience and the potential for life changing relationships that are born there.

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