Analisa Wins a FREE Workshop

Written by Andrew Morrison

Close up of woman's faceAnalisa was the lucky winner of our April Free Workshop Drawing. Analisa has a lot of experience when it comes to living in alternative structures, both on and off the grid. She has done everything from living in yurts to a camping tent, to handmade cabins in the Pacific Northwest. All of these experiences have given her a true appreciation for walls with good thermal insulation!

She plans a move to the Southwest in the very near future with her partner and is thrilled to be moving to a climate that is so ideally suited for straw bale construction.

Analisa shares that upon receiving the email that she was the winner of the free workshop, she was ecstatic and that she couldn’t have been more excited. She has chosen to attend the Crestone, Colorado workshop since she is very interested in the Load Bearing technique. She let us know that she learns best through experience and that a hands-on workshop is the way to go.

Her own goal for building with straw bales is to start with a single-story bale studio, maybe a round one. Eventually she wants to help design and build a small single-story straw home, probably around 1,000 square feet. Analisa plans to use the sun to heat it in the winter, and the thick walls to keep it cool in the summer. She loves permaculture and organic gardening so she plans on incorporating those practices into her homestead as well.

Analisa is passionate about helping others. She is currently finishing an internship for her Master’s in Counseling degree (she was a therapist at a homeless shelter for teens). Analisa plans on opening a private healing practice. If you’re interested in really learning how to build with bales and you want to have perhaps one of the best weeks of your life in the process, then come to one of our workshops. We ALWAYS have a good time and you will gain the confidence to build your own house too. CLICK HERE to see what workshop locations and dates we have available this year!

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