****Announcing the 2009 Straw Bale Workshop Dates****

Written by Andrew Morrison

Many of you have been waiting to see when I will be teaching hands on workshops this coming summer and fall. Well, the wait is over and we’re announcing the 2009 straw bale workshop dates now. I have finally posted the majority of my workshop dates on my website. I still plan on adding 2 or 3 more dates and am still in contact with several potential hosts to make those workshops a reality. In the meantime, I have confirmed dates in 4 different states from coast to coast. I also will be offering a special 3 day workshop focusing entirely on plaster with Natural Hydraulic Lime plaster.

Participants will get hands on experience with all three coats, something impossible to do with most workshops due to the waiting period in between coats. Because I have several structures in several different stages of construction, we will do the scratch, brown and finish coats all in three days! I am really excited about this opportunity to teach a skill that is all but impossible to learn from a book. Hands on is by far the best way to learn, especially when we are talking about plaster.
unloading straw bales
To sign up for any of my workshops, please visit my website and click on the registration page. Here’s the web address: www.StrawBale.com/store. If your excitement is so high that you can’t wait for a new page to load, then just check out the dates below! 😉 I have included the dates without confirmed hosts as well in case you would like to step up and host a workshop during those dates. Being that the potential hosts are still unconfirmed, the dates are still available.

2009 Seven Day Intensive Straw Bale Construction Workshops

May 11-17 Williams, Oregon
June 15-21 Midpines, California
August 10-16 Scipio Center, New York
September 7-13 Grants, New Mexico

2009 Three Day Complete Natural Hydraulic Lime Plastering Workshop

May 29-31 Jacksonville, Oregon

2009 Available Dates for Interested Workshop Hosts

July 6-12
September 28-October 4


6 Responses

  1. Hi:

    I already receive your updates etc. I am interested in your plastering seminar/workshop.

    How much to enroll?
    Cheap accomodations?

    I am a 63 year old woman, forging ahead with a strawbale home in Missouri after my husbands death. Unfortunately most of our income died with him. My Barn is built, straw stored, foundation already in. Working on a very tight budget I have worked side by side with a contractor installing foundation forms etc. We had built a straw bale addition to our home in Arizona before moving to Missouri. So I have some hands on experience. It was an amazing move, the insulation factor was amazing and we added straw bale all around the home before we sold it.

    I am excited about getting my house to the dried in stage so I can spend the winter finishing the inside, and not have to spend the winter with my children.

    Sophia Frazier

  2. Sophia,
    I am sorry for your loss and glad to hear you are still moving forward with the dream home. The workshop costs $350 and includes all of the instruction, food, and accommodations. We typically sleep in tents; however, I reserve a small straw bale cabin for people who feel they would need it. I can offer that to you if you like or you are welcome to camp out as well.

    You can sign up for the workshop on my website and use the deposit button to make a deposit or you can send the deposit or full tuition to my PO Box in the form of a check. PO Box 901 Jacksonville, OR 97530.

    I hope to see you there.

  3. The best accomodations at andrew’s is the cookhouse. There is a nice little loft above the kitchen , it is always warm in the cool of the night , you are close to the bathroom and the first on scene for coffee , tea and breakfast. The bed might need to be re newed but it is my first choice for bunking out at the Farm.


  4. I am interested in one of the 7 day workshops to see what else I can learn about strawbale building. I helped with a bale raising last summer and am excited to start building. What is the price and where is Duncan Island Oregon?

  5. Great question! I am not sure exactly where it is either. The host says it is near the coast (thus island) and I believe he said it is neat Florence. The workshop cost is $750 including all food and a place to camp.

  6. Duncan Island is in the Siuslaw River, a short way inland from the coastal town of Florence, OR. FYI.

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