April Free Workshop Winner!

Written by Gabriella

Congratulations to Kevin! His name was picked as the April, 2013 free 7 day workshop winner. Though we have had several aviators attend our workshops, he will be the first Army pilot (that we know of at least!). We are delighted that he will be joining us at a workshop soon! World, meet Kevin:

father with two daughtersThank you much for the opportunity to attend your workshop.  I am a 24 year Army veteran and would be retired but for a break in service after Desert Storm.  My wife and I both went to Portland State University before I went back in the Army for the opportunity to fly helicopters.  We now have two daughters and are stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Straw bale was the first alternative construction method that I stumbled across and it spurred a long time curiosity with all kinds of structures and alternatives.   I am a native of Northwest Oregon but as a career service member I have had the opportunity to observe a wide variety of alternative architecture in all different climates and terrain.  This exposure has only strengthened my belief that the standard stick home is not the best solution for all the places and purposes it is used in the US.   Of course sustainability, affordability and the adventure of being able to build much of your own home are so attractive as well.

CW4 Kevin Keister

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