The House That Jack Built

West Virginia city by river

THE HOUSE THAT JACK (AND NANCIE, AND THE KIDS, AND THE FATHER, AND THE NEIGHBORS) BUILT “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” –Paulo Coelho Jack has always had a strong desire to use his own hands to build his and his wife Nancie’s […]

Ferncliff Straw Bale Eco Center

david gill on bridge

Ferncliff Camp is a special place. Located just a few miles outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, this beautiful 1,200 acre learning center has been a gathering place for youth and adults for decades. At the helm of this amazing mecca for sustainability, outreach work and 130 or so retreat groups per year is David Gill, […]

Another Straw Bale Workshop Graduate Builds Their Home!

straw bale house kitchen

Like many of us, Ryan (a 7 day straw bale workshop graduate) held a deep desire to build his home using his own two hands. After all, growing up in a family in which his father had built three (the last of which Ryan was heavily involved in), the concept was familiar and natural. While […]

November Free Workshop Drawing Winner

straw bale workshop winner

Erin is our most recent winner in our Free Workshop drawing. Congrats…we are really looking forward to meeting you in person! World, meet Erin, a cowgirl poet… I am a farm girl by default, born and raised on a homestead in Nebraska, but given to the beauty of the mountains.  College took me west in […]

Living SMALL In A big World

living small in a big world

Grab your favorite mug, fill it with delicious tea or coffee and enjoy this video interview we just created on the topic of “Living SMALL In A big World”. In it, a lot is covered from how we converted our closet into a master bedroom, to living in a 125 sqft pop up tent trailer in Baja with our 12 […]

ModCell and LILAC Straw Bale Cohousing Project

straw revolution article clipping

Hi everyone! This is Gabriella writing. While Andrew is teaching our last 7 day workshop for this year in NY (which sounds like it’s going awesome), I wanted to let you all know about a truly amazing straw bale cohousing project that our friends at ModCell are working on in Bramley, England. One of the […]

Straw Bale Tipi Village

straw bale tipi

Debbie, a reader of ours, has entered the Aviva Community Fund challenge with a great idea of creating a Straw Bale Tipi Village. In order for this project to win the challenge, it needs to receive the most votes. Below is a description of the project as well as a link for you to vote […]

Don’t Find Your Opportunities Stuck In Spam Filter

butterflies escaping window frame

Every month, during our workshop season, we have the very fun task of selecting a winner to receive one of our free 7 day straw bale workshops.  The idea of the workshop giveaways sprung about four years ago and it’s been an enormous success since.  We calculate that we have been able to provide free […]

Kangaroo Pie with a Dash of Straw

Andrew Morrison straw bale workshop

When I arrived at the Perth straw bale workshop site in Calingiri, Western Australia last week, I was amazed. Before me stood our workshop home, a beautifully built, roughly 5,000 sqft structure, surrounded fully by 10’ verandas, and capped by perhaps the largest residential roof I’ve ever seen. What the hosts had been able to […]

Free 7 Day Workshop Winner for July

Free 7 day straw bale workshop winner

This month’s winner of a free 7 day workshop is Susan B.! Congrats Susan! We are really glad that you’ll be joining us. Here is a little bit about the Free 7 day workshop winner in her own words “I am a design consultant in the mid-Willamette Valley.  My specialties are lighting, aging in place, […]

Hopes of Bringing Straw Bale Construction to Kenya


We often hear from people all over the world that are looking at straw bale construction as a solution for creating healthy, affordable, safe and beautiful housing.  For many of the people we hear from, this type of housing is not an easy option so we love the sense of excitement people feel once they […]