Brand New Plaster Sprayer For Sale

Written by Andrew Morrison

Plaster SprayerHi everyone. I have a brand new, never used plaster sprayer for sale. I bought it a while back but have not used it. I guess I don’t need two after all! If you are interested in buying it, let me know. It is a great little sprayer and the same kind I have used on many jobs in the past. It sells for $265.00 plus shipping. I’m hoping for something close since it is literally out of the box. I’m open to offers. 🙂

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  1. I might be interested in this, I was going to order this same one with my NHL and it would be shipped with it very soon. I want to spray it on then trowel it in for speed purposes.

  2. Good morning Andrew.
    Thank you for using our tools! I enjoy watching what you and your company have accomplished with bales. If we can ever help you or please let me know.

    Best regards,

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