Considering a Green Roof

Green Roof

If you’re considering a green roof for your straw bale project, learn the benefits of using one as well as the ONE potential drawback.

How a Straw Bale House Can Change the World

Straw Bale House exposed rafters

When most people think about building a straw bale house, they might not think about changing the world. That’s exactly what’s possible though, and on more levels than you may have first considered. Most people who have done their research will be well aware that a straw bale house is beautiful, energy efficient, sound proof, […]

Adding Shingles to Gable Walls

Reshingle a Gable Wall 18

Adding shingles to gable walls may not seem like a straw bale specific topic at first glance. That doesn’t mean it’s not an important skill for you to learn for several reasons. First and foremost, a lot of straw bale houses use shingles on the gable end walls. They do so to add a complementary […]

Help Define a New Name for SBC

people standing atop straw bale wall

Here’s your call to action. We need a new name; one we can all get behind and present to the world in a new and powerful way. What ideas do you have? Please comment below with your ideas and share this article with anyone you think may want to help define the way forward for this amazing building technology.

When a Straw Bale House Isn’t Green

straw bale house interior

I wonder if any of you knows why a straw bale house isn’t green. A straw bale house isn’t green because the wall system is only one part of a bigger system, and a small part at that.

Andrew to be interviewed on the “Tiny House Chat”

Tiny House Chat

Do you love straw bale construction? Do you love tiny houses? Do you like what I have to share (you know…for the most part??) Then listen in while I am interviewed by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life and Macy Miller of MiniMotives! We have really enjoyed getting to know those two and love what they are […]

How To Make A Cold Frame Using Straw Bales

cold frame

This post below was written for us by our friend Scott Allison. As we all know, straw has multiple uses and this is a pretty easy/economical/functional use for bales. This is a quick a simple project that you can do to extend your growing season. The details below are for a simple, what I would […]

Conversations on a Plane

United Airlines taking off

Gabriella and I have noticed a recent surge in new subscribers to and many who have signed up have contacted us to let us know they are brand new to the world of straw bale construction. We want to welcome all of you here and we figured it would be helpful to give you an introduction to what it’s like to build a straw bale home.

Living SMALL In A big World

living small in a big world

Grab your favorite mug, fill it with delicious tea or coffee and enjoy this video interview we just created on the topic of “Living SMALL In A big World”. In it, a lot is covered from how we converted our closet into a master bedroom, to living in a 125 sqft pop up tent trailer in Baja with our 12 […]

Old School Hand Baler

old hand baler

The efficiency of straw bale homes would be a wonderful thing to share with those living in extreme climates and the existence, or lack there of, of local modern baling machinery should not deter people from making this happen.

Learn To Build Your Own Tiny Home

Learn to build your own tiny home - straw bale house

If you have an interest in building your own tiny home or your own straw bale home, this is an awesome opportunity for you to learn hands on from an expert. This two-week workshop will cover everything from foundation to plaster and everything in between. Perfect for the tiny home and straw bale enthusiasts alike.

Home Sweet Home: A Straw Bale Workshop Experience

Andrew Morrison and friend

This awesome article from Sutherland Living Magazine is the creation of a recent straw bale workshop participant, Tiffany Redding.  Her enthusiasm and genuine excitement to learn were contagious during that workshop and she will long be remembered by all of those there.  Tiffany’s article, “Home Sweet Home, is reprinted courtesy of Sutherland Living Magazine – […]

Straw Bale Construction in Thailand

straw bale house in Thailand

As Thailand is a large rice producer, with up to 2 crops per year here in the north, there was a lot of rice straw left standing in the fields after harvesting, either by hand or machine, and most of it was burned to clear the way for more planting. I thought, why not use this neglected resource and build a small cottage.

Campus Straw Bale Cafe Wins Plaudits

ModCell straw bale house

Here’s an interview with the architect of a straw bale cafe in the United Kingdom. This modern and elegant building is not something easily or immediately identifiable as straw bale. That’s part of what makes it so interesting to me. I love the modern lines and clean design. The execution of the construction was done […]

Using Plastic Bottles as Lights

plastic bottle

I hope you enjoy this inspiring video on how plastic soda bottles became the simple solution to brightening the homes, and lives, of these people.

Burn an Upside Down Fire for Efficiency

Drawing of an upside down fire stack

Have you heard about burning an upside down fire before? You can see in the image to the right from the website just how to stack an upside down fire. It’s literally exactly what it sounds like, but the results are anything but expected. I’ve also included a great video from our good friends […]

Straw Bale Gardening

straw bale gardening

It’s not unusual to end up with extra bales after building a straw bale house. In fact, I recommend it.  Those extra bales are great to have around as steps or scaffolding supports when plastering. Furthermore, I would always rather have a few too many bales than not enough when building. The question is, what to do with the extra […]

A Perfect Place to Build with Bales

Straw palapa hut on the sea of cortez

I’m currently in Baja California Sur, Mexico on a 4 month adventure and research journey. As I travel this beautiful part of the world, I am struck by how perfect this area would be for bale homes. Unfortunately, there are very few around, and I mean VERY few. I have heard from some who have […]

The Health Benefits of Earth Bag and Straw Bale Construction -Guest Article-

Two Happy Women

Here’s a guest article about the health benefits of building green by Paige Taylor. Paige is a creative writer from the University of Texas: El Paso. As an aspiring writer she specializes in writing about travel detestations and tourism. I hope you enjoy her perspective. If you too would like to write a guest article […]

Schools Made Out of Straw

kids on straw bales

How amazing would it be to send your kids to schools made out of straw? Imagine if all of our public school systems actually took that kind of care when designing and building new structures for our public schools. Here’s the good news. Some school districts, including the Upper Grand District in Ontario Canada, are […]

Canadian Farmers Challenge Monsanto


I am no fan of Monsanto. In fact, I think it’s safe to say I actually hate the company and the massive destruction they cause the world over. I wanted to forward to you some information about the Canadian Organic Growers and what they are doing to take on Monsanto. Please get involved if you […]

No Impact Man

Child Planting a Tree

If you have not already heard about Colin Beavan’s blog and lifestyle dubbed “No Impact Man” then I strongly suggest you check it out. He and his wife and young child are living a life that has as close to zero impact on the planet as possible. It’s pretty fascinating stuff. I imagine all of […]