Cross Section of a Straw Bale Landscape Wall/Rubble Trench Foundation

Rubble Trench Foundation

Many people have recently asked me about landscape walls. As a result of those inquiries, I’ve drawn up a cross section of a landscape wall and rubble trench foundation for you to check out below. This is a basic design that can be used in most locations. Some building departments allow for rubble trench foundations […]

Keeping Noise at Bay: Straw Bales As Soundproofing

cars in traffic

Many of you have written to me in recent months asking about straw bales as soundproofing options against noisy streets and neighborhoods. I have responded to a lot of you individually, but figure it’s better to give everyone this information as well. I have to start with a funny story. Last night, as I was […]

Straw Bale Landscape Wall Construction

straw bale landscape wall

  Do you live in a loud neighborhood? Are you tired of looking at the same style wood fence around every home in your neighborhood? Building a straw bale landscape wall instead of a typical privacy fence around your garden may be a better choice. The straw bales not only provide privacy but also superior […]

Straw Bale Landscape Walls and Rubble Trench Foundations

straw bale landscape wall

It must be something in the air. I have received a bunch of emails about building straw bale landscape walls in the last week. This after a long drought of such questions. So, I guess it is time to talk about them again. The majority of the questions I have been getting are around the […]

Basics of a Bale Landscape Wall

straw bale landscape wall

Basics of a Bale Landscape Wall I received an email today about a bale landscape wall. The wall will be about 4′ tall and 125′ long. The questions ranged from what type of foundation is best and what kind of waterproofing is needed to where to find bale needles. I have included my response below. […]