Simplify the Installation of Roofing Felt Behind Your Plaster

Installing Roofing Flet

I wanted to share a few great tips as a means of simplifying the installation of the roofing felt needed on wood that lies behind your plaster. As you know (or may be learning…right now…) you have to cover all wood that will end up behind plaster with roofing felt or an equivalent product.

Share Your Straw Bale House Experience

Wine Creek straw bale residence

If you have a straw bale house and are willing to share your experience with an international master program, then please fill out the following questionnaire.

Straw Bale Construction in Thailand

straw bale house in Thailand

As Thailand is a large rice producer, with up to 2 crops per year here in the north, there was a lot of rice straw left standing in the fields after harvesting, either by hand or machine, and most of it was burned to clear the way for more planting. I thought, why not use this neglected resource and build a small cottage.

Climate’s Effect on a Straw Bale House

Tree in the fog

There’s no question that a local climate’s effect on your home, whether it be a bale home or a home made of concrete block, is something you need to consider. In fact, the climate is often a driving force in people’s decision to build with bales. I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about how hot […]

Seal Your Toe Ups

moisture tape on a straw bale wall

It is important to seal your toe ups in order to stop the flow of air through your walls. This is not the same thing as “breathing walls” which we straw balers like to talk about as a good thing. That is entirely different. In a breathing wall, the concept is that air, pressurized from […]