Straw Bale Q & A

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Here is a list of questions from a college student writing a report about straw bale construction. Read my answers in this blog entry. Is straw bale user friendly? What current roadblocks are there in the codes to straw bale construction? Can bales be used as attic insulation? How about retrofitting with bales? Do you have to give up anything to live in a bale house…comfort, design? Just how “super insulated” are bale homes? What’s the best exterior plaster to use? Are overhangs really that important?

The Importance of Good Straw Bale Design

Straw Bale Design Floor Plan

Notice that I use the words straw bale design in the title. That’s because good design alone is not enough. You have to incorporate all of the details that are specific to straw bale construction in your design to make it work. I see people design their homes either by themselves or with the help […]

What Are You Passionate About?

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Have you stopped to ask yourself “what are you passionate about” recently? I was talking with Gabriella about our business and we both realized just how lucky we are. There are a number of reasons that we consider ourselves lucky, actually a better way to say it is that we are grateful, but one big […]