Wondering if Straw Bale is Right For You?

Santa Cruz straw bale house

The fact that you’re here means that you’re, at the very least, curious to learn if straw bale construction is the right choice for you. As much as I’d like to say simply: yes, I realize that there’s more to it than that. As such, I’ve put together a bunch of articles that I think […]

Rogersville, MO Workshop Hosts

smiling family looking at camera

We are delighted to introduce you to the hosts of our 7 day straw bale Rogersville, MO workshop coming up May 30-June 5, 2016. This beautiful family is so dynamic, gracious, loving, and kind that we are thrilled they are hosting our midwest location! To say that they are used to large groups is a […]

Victoria, Australia Workshop Host Interview

woman rock climbing

We are so looking forward to our trip back Down Under in March, 2015 to teach a 7 day workshop on Enga’s straw bale house! Not only will this build teach participants what they need to know in order to bale their own house, but it will also serve as a testing grounds for the Architecture […]

Financing a Straw Bale Home

Small house made of money in a hand

Perhaps the most commonly asked question about straw bale construction is: “How do I finance it?” Unfortunately, the answer hasn’t gotten much easier over the years as straw bale construction is still considered alternative to the mainstream and, as we all know, banks are not big fans of taking risks on alternative construction techniques. That said, there are some things that you can do to improve your efforts and increase your chance of receiving funding.

Can’t Take The Country Out Of A Country Girl

field with yellow flowers

Susan is the energetic, fun, and charismatic host of the Butler, MO workshop coming up May 5-11. Raised on a farm in Iowa, she grew up surrounded by animals, home crafting and that good, wholesome attitude that comes from living in connection with nature. As life would have it, a series of events and a […]

Andrew to be interviewed on the “Tiny House Chat”

Tiny House Chat

Do you love straw bale construction? Do you love tiny houses? Do you like what I have to share (you know…for the most part??) Then listen in while I am interviewed by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life and Macy Miller of MiniMotives! We have really enjoyed getting to know those two and love what they are […]

Lessons In Simple Living From A Pilot In Afghanistan

air force pilot

We would like to introduce you to one of our readers, Tim, and to share with you a letter he recently sent us. Tim is a pilot flying in Afghanistan and living on a base in a converted 20′ shipping container. Threats of attack are a part of day to day life and the sounds […]

Community Building For A Community

Arkansas straw bale workshop Group Photo

It’s not everyday that people come together and build with each other. Not in these “modern times” at least; however, that is precisely what happened this last week outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. More than 40 people came together to learn, connect, have fun, and share in the experience of building a 5,300 SF Eco […]

Ferncliff Straw Bale Eco Center

david gill on bridge

Ferncliff Camp is a special place. Located just a few miles outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, this beautiful 1,200 acre learning center has been a gathering place for youth and adults for decades. At the helm of this amazing mecca for sustainability, outreach work and 130 or so retreat groups per year is David Gill, […]

Sabine’s Straw Bale Diary Part 2 & 3

woman and grand piano

  We recently came into contact with the wonderful, dynamic and hilarious Sabine, a piano teacher (and concert pianist!).  Born and raised in Germany, she and her husband both live in Australia now.  We were so taken by her enthusiasm and story that we asked if she would be willing to share her experience with […]

Review of the DragOn Pro Mortar Sprayer

Plaster Sprayer

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and in the case of Branislav Prvanovic, a Serbian innovator and businessman involved in the building trades, a gigantic straw bale building project turned out to be the mother load of necessities. Charged with the task of rendering 150,000 sqft of straw bale walls on his […]