Rogersville, MO Workshop Hosts

smiling family looking at camera

We are delighted to introduce you to the hosts of our 7 day straw bale Rogersville, MO workshop coming up May 30-June 5, 2016. This beautiful family is so dynamic, gracious, loving, and kind that we are thrilled they are hosting our midwest location! To say that they are used to large groups is a […]

California Straw Building Association’s 20th Anniversary Gathering

Bales of Straw in the Field

The California Straw Building Association (CASBA) has done amazing work in the field of straw bale construction for the last twenty years. This year’s annual meeting will celebrate those achievements and look to the future to see how CASBA can continue to build positive relationships in the field.

The Importance of Tool Organization

Tool Organization

I don’t think that the importance of tool organization on a job site can be overstated. This is true for owner builders and professionals alike.

Getting Ready for the 2016 Straw Bale Workshop Season

La Grande straw bale Workshop Group Photo

Ever wonder what one of my straw bale workshops is like? This video will give you a taste. For starters, we have a ton of fun, learn mountains of information, build someone’s dream, and make friendships that last.

Another Amazing Straw Bale Workshop

entry doors on timber frame straw bale house

I recently returned home from another amazing straw bale workshop in Arlington, Vermont. This was truly one of the most fun workshops I have had in years. The building will be used as woodworking shop, home brew facility, pottery studio and forge. It will certainly provide years of fun and creativity for the hosts: Tara and Tyler.

Another Great Week of Hard Work and Fun

La Grande straw bale Workshop Group Photo

I’m happy to announce that we recently completed another great week of hard work and fun at the La Grande, Oregon straw bale workshop. With a large group of dynamic and fun people, the week of work felt like anything but work. (This is pretty much always true, of course!)

Only One Spot Remaining in Australia Workshop

people standing atop straw bale wall

Just a quick note to let you know that there is only one spot left in the Australia workshop. If you want to join us, be the first person to sign up here. I look forward to meeting you…whomever you may be!!! If you are not the first person to sign up, I will automatically […]

Victoria, Australia Workshop Host Interview

woman rock climbing

We are so looking forward to our trip back Down Under in March, 2015 to teach a 7 day workshop on Enga’s straw bale house! Not only will this build teach participants what they need to know in order to bale their own house, but it will also serve as a testing grounds for the Architecture […]

Trivia Contest: Winner Receives $200 Off 2015 Workshop

Walsenburg straw bale workshop Group Photo

**THE SUBMISSION PERIOD FOR THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. TO READ THE ANSWERS PLEASE REFER TO EACH QUESTION BELOW** Gabriella and I have been busy the last couple of weeks preparing for the upcoming launch of our 2015 Straw Bale Workshop reveal (9am PST, Fri. Nov. 28). Just this morning as we were finalizing some […]

Upcoming Straw Bale Workshops

timber frame straw bale house interior

With my 2014 workshop schedule complete, I am looking to finalize my 2015 schedule. If you are interested in hosting or participating in 2015, it’s time to get excited and get in touch. In the meantime, check out these two workshops presented by CASBA.

Some Mind-Numbing Facts about Ferncliff’s Eco Center

Straw Bale Eco Center Front

Last year’s straw bale construction workshop season started with a huge project: the 5300 SF Eco Learning Center at Ferncliff outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. In this article you can check out some mind-numbing facts of some of the “behind the scenes” numbers that go into building a house. Some of them are truly amazing.

Can’t Take The Country Out Of A Country Girl

field with yellow flowers

Susan is the energetic, fun, and charismatic host of the Butler, MO workshop coming up May 5-11. Raised on a farm in Iowa, she grew up surrounded by animals, home crafting and that good, wholesome attitude that comes from living in connection with nature. As life would have it, a series of events and a […]

2014 Straw Bale Workshop Update

straw bale workshop in West Virginia

Just a quick update to let you know where each workshop stands for 2014. If you are interested in attending any particular location, please be sure to make your plans soon as things are really starting to fill up. Colorado – May 17-23 FULL Montana – September 1-7 FULL Arizona – August 11-17 More than […]

Call For 2015 Workshop Hosts

Montana 2013 Straw Bale Workshop Group Photo

Now that our 2014 workshop schedule is up and running, it’s time to start looking ahead for hosts for the 2015 workshop season. If you are interested in hosting in 2015 and haven’t sent in an application yet, this is a great time to get yours in. To find out more about the hosting process, […]

January FREE Workshop Winner!

straw bale workshop winner graphic

Oh I love the time of month when we notify the winner of our FREE straw bale workshop drawing! I always feel a little like one of Santa’s helpers and get a warm fuzzy feeling when I read how happy and appreciative the winners are.  This month’s winner is Ryan….congratulations Ryan! We are super excited […]

December Free Workshop Winner!

straw bale Workshop Winner

Congratulations Leanne for being selected as this month’s Free Workshop Winner! We are delighted that you will be joining us at a workshop this summer. World, meet Leanne… I’m Leanne Repetto, an elementary school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I am bouncing-off-the-walls THRILLED to be this month’s winner of a free Straw […]

The Joys Of Building

woman in wood fired hot tub

I recently completed teaching a workshop in Meadville, Pennsylvania which once again reminded me of how much fun it is to build a house with my own two hands. In the case of the workshop, it was more like 25 sets of hands, but the idea is the same. There is nothing quite like seeing […]

Meet the Montana Straw Bale Workshop Host

Bitterroot Mountains

Meet the Montana straw bale workshop host, Dale. He is one of these people that one can’t help but enjoy being around. We met him a couple of years ago when he attended one of our workshops and when he applied to host for his own straw bale build, we were thrilled. Plus, it doesn’t […]

We are at the Puyallup, WA Mother Earth News Fair!

Andrew Morrison Mother Earth News Fair

Gabriella and I are up at the Mother Earth News Expo this weekend (June 1-2). I will be building a demonstration straw bale wall as well as giving two presentations on Straw Bale Construction Design/Build Considerations as well as a presentation that will jumpstart anyone who has been feeling stuck in a rut (in life, […]