Creating Interesting Design Facades in a Straw Bale House

Written by Andrew Morrison

The creation of your dream home starts long before you break ground. For most people, it starts in their imagination. Dreaming of the perfect house is fun and inspiring; however, all too often the end results are less fantastic than the initial dream. This is because the reality of construction costs and how they increase or decrease as a result of specific design elements are not often addressed in the dream stage. The video below discusses how creating interesting design facades can actually increase the price of your house.

Dream big and and dream with interesting design ideas! Just be sure that you dream with the size of your wallet in mind. I prefer an interesting design at the expense of size in place of a large yet boring home. With good design, you can get a great use of space while creating an interesting facade that takes the elegance of your home to the next level. Have fun dreaming and building!

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  1. Hi Ernst. Bale homes can work on the coast but the moisture content of the air is a vital detail that must be addressed. Rain is not a problem, however, humidity is. If there is not a dry season, the humidity will pervade the bales and will ultimately cause rot.

  2. I am trying to build a small straw bale building in the shape of a mushroom. As for size I’m looking at about a 200sqf plan. I was thinking it would be about 5 bales high and in the “cap” of the mushroom there would be a maybe 4′ high in the center crawl space. There would be a floor to the crawl space with either a circular hole or a trapdoor leading from the upper story to the lower. Preferably the entire thing would have a uniform plaster on the outside including the roof to further the image of the building. I have several questions though. The first is how difficult would it be to build a circular building as apposed to an octagonal one. And additionally would it be possible to build an octagonal house and using earthen bags perhaps turn it into a circle? Finally what would you recommend for the roof structure? I’ve been going over so many different ideas but they all seem kind of far fetched. Anyway thanks for your time

  3. Sounds awesome! The round part is not hard as long as the diameter of the curve is relatively big. You can make a jig that looks like a little skateboard ramp and bend the bales uniformly in that. If you bend them too much, the strings pop off and you have a pile of straw, thus the diameter note.

    The roof would be a custom frame for sure, but not anything impossible. I would stick frame it and then build out the shape with a living roof system.

    Send pictures for sure!

  4. Was wandering how Sams mushroom house is comeing along is there any possibility of posting or if he dosnt mind sending a pcture or two


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