Delicious, Aged Lime Putty Still Available

Written by Andrew Morrison

Lime Putty BucketsNot long ago, I received an email from Curtis in Kansas who had literally 10,000 gallons of lime putty he was selling. The putty was all slaked with water and mixed in a 300 gallon stainless steel mixer and then placed in 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon buckets to age. He claimed that the lime has great plasticity and consistency, is high in calcium, and is sourced from the Mississippi Lime Company in St. Genevieve, Missouri. I wrote a blog post about this (in fact, much of what you just read was from that original blog post) and helped him sell almost half of the lime. Pretty cool when people with a product meet people with a need for that product!

Lime Plastering PartyOne such person was Bev, the host of the Taos, New Mexico straw bale workshop this past July. I got to use the lime putty first hand and I must say that it was truly delicious. The consistency, workability, and ease of use was perfect. I can certainly recommend this lime for anyone who is looking to use a quality lime putty. I’m sure that you all know that I am a huge fan of quality Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) plaster for straw bale structures and that’s still the case. I think it is the best plaster to use. That said, I know that some of you cannot afford NHL and others choose to use lime putty for other reasons. For those of you, I suggest you check out Curtis’ material.

The putty is all shrink wrapped and on pallets for easy transportation. They have a forklift and can assist with loading at their facility; however, all shipping arrangements are up to the buyers and all orders must be picked up from the seller’s facility in the Wichita, Kansas area. The putty has been stored in a temperature controlled warehouse and has never been subjected to freezing temperatures. They are currently selling the putty at $2 per gallon which is a very good price for such yummy lime putty.

Keep in mind that if you plan to use lime putty in the US, you will have to make it yourself by slaking quick lime (see the video, but don’t try this without learning a lot more about the process first!!!). This is a slow, laborious and often dangerous process so you are much better off purchasing the lime pre-slaked. Unfortunately, there are not many companies that offer pre-slaked lime in the US. That makes this deal even better. What’s more, the longer the slake, the better the putty, and three years is a very good time line for quality lime putty.

Obviously shipping will come into play in regards to price, but I think it is still worth the effort and a good value. If you know others in your area in need of lime, perhaps you can share the trucking costs. You can reach Curtis to find out more or to place an order at this email address.

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  1. How much putty do you think you would need for a 2000 square foot structure? I’m interested in buying from this source but wondering if it would be worth the drive from CA to go get it.

  2. I wish I knew Will. I am not sure about the coverage as I use Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) on almost all of my projects. You might try contacting him directly to see if he can help you calculate. If you prefer to go with the NHL, contact Michel at and let him know I sent you. He will give you a discount on the material and he is based in Petaluma, CA.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    We are looking for more information on the hydraulic lime plaster, we are building an adobe home in Taos NM, and actually using on the exterior, the Steico wood fiber board, with a stucco netting in order to apply the plaster. Our plaster guys out here don’t want to use lime stucco, we are trying to gather more info for them. I would love some feedback, a consult would be amazing . Thanks so much -April

  4. Hi April. I think the best thing would be for you to talk with the folks at TransMineralUSA ( as they are the real experts of their material. I know a lot about using NHL plaster on straw bales, but they know all there is to know about their product, far more than me. Ask for Ally and let her know I sent you. She will either answer all your questions, or forward you to the right person within the company to help you.

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