Final Drums of Lime Putty for Sale

Written by Andrew Morrison

Many of you know that our friend Curtis has been selling some delicious lime putty in Wichita, Kansas. He is now down to his final drums of lime putty for sale and needs to move them before he is left with no option but to throw them away. It would be a shame to see such wonderful material lost and so I hope that some of you that are in need of lime putty will step up and take the final 30 barrels of his hands. He has 30 more drums remaining, each at 55 gallons, and is asking a mere $75/drum. That price is insane, so a no brainer if you are looking for lime putty.

He says it would be best for you to come and pick up in Wichita rather than to try and arrange transportation because of his time crunch. He would be happy to load you up with his fork lift to make the process that much easier. If you are interested, please contact Curtis at [email protected] as sson as possible because time is running out.


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