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Finding Construction Grade Straw Bales For Sale Online – StrawBale.com

Written by Andrew Morrison

There is a new website out there that helps people find construction grade straw bales all over the United States. They can deliver as well and have a price break for those buying in bulk. The website is very well designed and I hope will prove to be a great asset to us bale builders and home owners looking to build with bales.

round straw balesThe site is called, funnily enough, www.StrawSale.com. I guess that is a good indication that StrawBale.com has continued to influence the world of bale construction! So check it out and good luck finding the right construction grade straw bales near you.

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20 Responses

  1. Looks interesting, except they do not have any pricing information on their website. Does that depend on location? It seems like that is a very important aspect to a site like that.

  2. The price of straw depends on the year. If it’s a good year for grains, enough moisture but not too much, no hail, etc. the price is less. It’s the law of supply and demand. It also depends on the type of straw you want. Good, Better, Best.

  3. We have 5,000 bales of straw for sale. Unfortunately, the buyer will have to furnish transportation. I am located in south central Kentucky.

  4. Eastern Washington straw small bales

    I have several thousand straw bails for sale. They are the small bales. They are made with some of the finest dry land wheat straw around. These bales are very tight and have sold a lot of people building homes in Washington State. I get nothing but good feedback from builders who have purchased them in the past. I’m asking 4 dollars a bale. My name is Wayne and you can call me at (509) 683-1110, or email at [email protected] If I’m not home please leave your name, number and how many bales you are interested in and I will return your call promptly. Thank you

  5. The website for strawsale.com is not available. Do you know of any sources for straw bales in the south eastern area?

  6. Hi Melissa. I don’t have any specific resources in that area. I’d suggest using the broker on this website (search bale broker) or talking to local farm supply stores for leads. Good luck.

  7. Oh dear. Their domain is suspended.. Andrew, do you you know of any resources in central tn, not far from the Ky border?

  8. Hi andrew, do you know of any leads for straw bales for building in British Colombia, Canada? thanks so much, Karina

  9. Hi Karina. I don’t have any personal connections for bale sin that area. I would suggest talking to local farm supply stores (not to purchase bales there but to find sources for large quantity orders). They may be willing to share their source with you as they will understand that bying multiple hundreds of bales at retail cost from them is not an option. There may also be a farm publication available that can give you leads. Finally, stop by some farms in the area, even small ones, to see if they can direct you to bale supplies. Good luck!

  10. We supply construction grade bales made from premium hemp fiber. The (bast) fiber is first produced using HempTrain technology and is long, structural fiber, compressed / stringed into 14″x18″x36″ bales for premium construction.
    Hemp is the strongest natural fiber and is naturally antibacterial. We are located in Calgary, Canada and are the only manufacturer of such a product in the world-wide marketplace
    The bales are priced @$11.90 / bale delivered anywhere in US or Canada. Minimum order is a FTL 400 bales.

  11. Looking to possibly source straw bales from northern Mexico. The only issue is that most of these farmers still tie the bales with steel wire. Is it possible to build a straw bale house with steel wire tied bales?

  12. Good question, Mark. The simple answer is yes, you can build with bales tied with wire. There are some pros and cons, however. Our blog post titled Wire Or Poly Twine Bales breaks down the comparison between different ties and what you would want to know about using bales with metal wire.

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