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Want a Free Copy of My New Straw Bale Book?

Written by Andrew Morrison

modern look at straw bale construction coverMy brand new straw bale book, “A Modern Look at Straw Bale Construction” is complete!  If you want a chance to get a free copy, be sure to read this whole post (or skip to the end if you prefer!). The ebook rings in at 214 pages, contains 113 photographs to outline various points and steps, and has 22 professionally drawn architectural details created by Chris Keefe of Organicforms Design.

I’ve written this straw bale book so that you can get a precise look at the details I recommend for building a high quality, long lasting straw bale home. These are the construction techniques I have used and fine-tuned over the years building, teaching, and consulting on hundreds of straw bale projects from Australia to Europe and Canada to the United States. The book discusses, in detail, many aspects of working with straw, including the following:

  • Advantages and debunking myths
  • Working with lenders and building departments so that they become your allies
  • Building your foundation (raised floor, rubble trench, concrete slab)
  • Finishing your floor (earthen floor, acid staining, radiant heat floor systems)
  • Engineering options (lateral, knee & X bracing, moment & brace frames)
  • Working with subcontractors (electrical, foundation, radiant heat, plumbing and cabinetry)
  • Framing (post & beam, timber frame, toe ups, openings, box beams, multiple stories, hose bibs, wall heights, humid climate considerations)
  • Solutions and strategies for challenging/extreme climates
  • Baling techniques including notching, re-tying, efficiency, and stacking bales
  • Truth windows and niches
  • Proper wall preparation for plaster
  • Window and door flashing to keep your home investment safe
  • Meshing and simple but super comfy window seats

straw bale book back cover

The book includes 22 full detail architectural drawings for you to use on your job site and when applying for a building permit. These drawings cover the most common details for straw bale construction and knowing how to address those details properly will speed your approvals and your construction.

Here’s the even more exciting news: you have a chance to get the ebook for free! We are releasing the book, along with the 2013 workshop schedule, during our upcoming sale. We are offering everything in the StrawBale.com store at discounted prices. This includes the ebook; however, there’s even more to it than that. Here’s what we’ve created:

  1. The official sale launch is at 9AM EST on Friday, November 23rd. However, we have set up an early notification option to give those that would like a better chance to win the book for free. The early launch will begin at 9PM EST on Thursday, November 22nd (12 hours before the regular launch).
  2. The first 25 people to visit our book’s sales page and then to go into the shopping cart, will be able to enter the Coupon Code we have created just for our early notification list. Once those 25 coupons are used up, the coupon code will automatically expire and you will know right away if you made it in time to get your free copy. There is of course no obligation to make a purchase if you are not one of the first 25. (SORRY, THIS OFFER IS NOW OVER)

Happy Baling!

11 Responses

  1. I have been interested in strawbale building for a while, and it is my dream to build one for myself in the future. I can’t wait to participate in one of your workshops! In the meantime, I have purchased your book, and I can say it is very thorough and helpful. Kudos to you Andrew !

  2. Spent the last two nights exploring your web site . Very informative and entertaining.Going to try and go to the workshop in Taos.

  3. Hi there, I would like to order your book. How could I get it quickly? Should I call with a visa card ? Also we are interested in having you host a building workshop here in Canada some time in 2016.

    Thanks, Julie

  4. Hi Julie. We don’t sell the hard copy anymore, just the eBook format. Perhaps one day if we get a publisher on board. You can get the eBook version here. Thanks for your interest in hosting as well. I’m not officiallytaking applications for 2016 yet, but let me know in a month or so about your plans (you can submit your application early if you want too). That can be found on the “want to host” page of the website.

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