FREE Three-Day Crew Training May 24-26, 2016

Written by Andrew Morrison

Strawbale PosterIf you are interested in straw bale construction and live near Gravette, Arkansas, then you will want to join us for a FREE three-day crew training on May 24-26, 2016. I am teaching the 3-day training on my friend Susan’s straw bale house and she is in need of volunteers for the event (and perhaps to help out after the event as well, if you are interested). You will basically experience what I normally teach in a 7-day workshop over the course of three days. It will be short, concise, and intense. You are welcome to camp on site and Susan will provide lunch each day. Oh, and did I already mention that it’s TOTALLY FREE! Check out the poster for more information.

You will learn bale basics like prepping bales, stacking, retying, notching, shaping, installing electrical and more. You will also learn plaster prep such as protecting wood from plaster, installing mesh, installing lath, sewing walls, and more. Finally, we will work on the scratch coat of plaster using a natural hydraulic lime plaster. Depending on our progress, we will either complete the whole structure (a slightly modified Applegate Cottage) or focus on a smaller area on which we can complete all of the tasks required. Either way, you will see the entire process from first bale to scratch coat of plaster.

Space is STRICTLY LIMITED because we will need to be super focused and efficient. First come, first served. You can contact Susan directly at the email and/or phone number on the poster. Posting a comment to this thread WILL NOT register you for the training. Once the spots are filled up, we cannot add more, so if you are interested and can commit to attending, I suggest you contact Susan ASAP.

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