November Free Workshop Drawing Winner

Written by Gabriella

Erin is our most recent winner in our Free Workshop drawing. Congrats…we are really looking forward to meeting you in person! World, meet Erin, a cowgirl poet…

woman riding on horsebackI am a farm girl by default, born and raised on a homestead in Nebraska, but given to the beauty of the mountains.  College took me west in search of bright lights and big city, but the wilderness and grandeur of the places I’ve lived keep me here in the Rocky Mountains.  Travel, horses, and the trail ahead kept me moving in the last years.

Seasonal work – car packed and on the road almost every 6 months to experience new communities, jobs, relationships, and self exploration has been both an asset to my development and a challenge.  For work I’ve done almost anything you can name, but consistently have worked as a wrangler, guide, and outdoor educator.  My path points to education and continued wilderness study.  I’m certain that horses will be a part of the mix as well.

I’ve always fantasized about building a straw bale home, having come across the concept in college.  I think these fantasies are exacerbated by the life I’ve chosen for myself the last ten years since leaving home in Nebraska. Constant motion can certainly elevate and excite, but it has left me desirous of a place to call my own.

My childhood home is one unchanging and steadfast.  It only makes sense that as I think about the type of home I will inhabit that it be one built to last; dense, warm, unique, and complimentary to the environment and the beings that will live within.  Straw bale building combines these elements of past and present for me; sustainability, beauty & esthetic as a compliment to function & efficiency, and a deep connection to the place I live.

The corner of the Wyoming between the Tetons and Gros Ventres has felt the most like home.  Currently, I’ve found myself a nice little spot in Alta, Wyoming, teaching preschool and working for an outdoor leadership school.  I’ve no plans of travel from here, and may be able to call this place my permanent home one day.  I’m imagining so for now.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity of winning a free workshop!  I’ve been fantasizing floor plans and designs in my head for quite awhile… lots of hours to think guiding on horseback.

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