Happy Holidays!!

Written by Andrew Morrison

happy faceWe want to wish you an amazing, beautiful, fulfilling and peaceful holiday! We feel incredibly grateful to have made so many wonderful friends in this incredible community of straw bale enthusiasts. The experiences we have had with all of you since we started strawbale.com in 2004 have been beyond our wildest hopes.

Just for fun, we went back into our archives and pulled up our very first newsletter ever. Do any of you remember this one?? The newsletter was called “The Innovator” and our first issue went out to 444 people. At the time we were psyched and blown away that there were a few hundred people in the world that were interested in straw bale construction!

We had no idea what was in store for the future of strawbale.com and never did any initial market research to determine if there was even an audience out there (an extremely risky move looking back!). We just kind of went for it because we saw a need for step by step instruction for people to learn how to build their own dream homes.

Our first production was filmed with a $200 video camera. Neither of us had any experience with camera work, editing, producing, etc. We also had never started a web site and knew nothing about internet marketing, or e-commerce. But we were passionate and that fueled the whole process. The right people always showed up at the right time and with a lot of time, effort, support and encouragement it all lined up. We haven’t looked back since! A lot to be grateful for.  

Workshop Updates

As promised, here is list of workshops and update on space availability in each. 


Montana-3/4 FULL

Mass-2/3 FULL

Arizona-1/2 FULL

Missouri-1/2 FULL


New York

Rhode Island


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