Heading to the Desert

Written by Andrew Morrison

CASBA Desert SceneI’m heading to the desert for a weekend of straw bale fun, learning, teaching, and more. It’s the 20th anniversary of CASBA and we are going to celebrate in style! I will be presenting the straw bale 101 lecture this evening and then plan to connect, learn, share, and have fun with the other straw bale enthusiasts in attendance. Wonder who will be there…I have a few ideas on some and look forward to meeting the others, and maybe even being surprised.

If you can’t make it to the desert this weekend but want to find a good way to learn more about straw bale construction, please visit this page to check out my instructional DVDs or, better yet, click here to sign up for a seven-day, hands-on workshop. There’s no better way to learn! Be quick though because classes are already starting to sell out.

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  1. Your email announcement and website didn’t give the where and what time of the desert 101 talk tonight!!!!! Help!

  2. Sorry about that. It was at the CASBA 20th anniversary conference. People had to sign up in advance for the weekend through the CASBA website as far as I know. It was a fun weekend and amazing to celebrate the straw builders in California who have been making the dream of straw bale construction a reality for over 20 years!

  3. This sounds like a great organization and I wish I had some money to spend and be without all the pain i fee lfrom muscle spasm till i am better I cannot do anything about it sorry bud. where are you located anyway? Kent

  4. Hi am considering putting in an offer on an existing bale home in ajo, az. Any pointers you could give on looking out for deficiencies…..I belie e it was started to be built in the ‘ 80’s. It is in “the round” and has some excellent ideas but most were NOT completed….I am Mary Alice Grinder & my# is 928.231.2102….

    Thanking you in advance. Mary Alice

  5. he most important this will be to check the quality of the bales themselves. Buy a moisture meter and test as many of them as you can. This is the meter I recommend. Other than that, I would want to see the plans to see how the structural connections were made to make sure they were done to plan. Hard to say what else to check without knowing the exact condition of the house. Good luck!

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