Incredible Piece of Heaven For Sale

Written by Andrew Morrison

Sterling Creek RdThis property has SOLD.

This incredible piece of property is where I used to live and where I raised my kids for 11 years. It is one of the most incredible pieces of land I know of. I am sad to see it go; however, I understand that it is too much for one person (my mother-in-law) to manage on her own. It is time for the next adventure for her and so the land must find a new partner to inspire. Maybe it will be you.

I could talk about how amazing this land is for hours with its year round natural creeks, springs and ponds which yield a bounty of water for the property, among other amazing traits. It also boasts excellent solar gain, beautiful views, and a magic within the land that I could never describe to you in a blog entry. I’ll do my best within this article to expand on what the Realtor has written on her website about the property. Just know that this truly is a piece of heaven. I should also say that I would not be surprised if my daughter comes knocking on your door one day looking to buy it back from you. She always dreamed (and still does) of living there herself when she is older, with her own family. I hope that dream comes true for her.

kitchenThis is a one-of-a-kind Applegate Valley Retreat located 15 minutes outside of Southern Oregon’s national historic landmark town of Jacksonville. It’s a 90 acre paradise with multiple dwellings which offer a variety of living possibilities. The remodeled main home comes with complete separate living on each level of over 1700 sq.ft.

Caretaker HouseThe remodeled single level 3 bedroom caretaker’s home on a knoll setting has incredible views of the pastures to the North and mountains to the South (and North for that matter). This used to be our house when we lived on the land and I must say that the views are incredible. There is also a detached 3 car garage with a private studio and bathroom down by the horse pastures.

straw bale cabin interiorThere’s even a straw bale village with 3 separate sleeping units, sauna/bath house & central kitchen. These cabins were all built by workshop participants over the years. They are truly special and they can be and have been used as rental cabins to generate extra income for the property owner. There is also a cute mobile cottage (fully remodeled in recent years and quite charming) with a private deck overlooking a small meadow. Up above our old house there are two more structures in a private treed setting that open to another private pasture. One is a load bearing straw bale and the other, known as the Strawberry House (when my kids were little, they thought I was saying “strawberry” when I said straw bale), was originally straw and then remodeled to the structure you see today.

Land PondThis property offers approx. 20 acres of pasture with irrigation rights, 3 large ponds; one designated as an irrigation pond which is fed by a natural creek, spring and well. There is a beautiful 4 stall horse barn with its own living quarters, tack room, feed stall, hot and cold washing facility, horse shower, and drying rack. The floor is fully matted and there is a large, open-air, fenced riding arena off to the side.

horse barnThere’s more… A custom greenhouse, fenced organic gardens (have been organic for over 13 years), apple orchards, rose garden, irrigated and fenced horse pastures, and irrigated landscaping throughout the property. There is even a waterfall to visit on one of your many hikes or rides through this secluded heaven. The whole property is surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM land and the adventures and explorations are endless from your back door.

waterfallAs much as it makes me sad to see this property leave the family, I have hope that it will inspire someone else and hold them with the same love it has offered us. If that person is you, please contact Jeanne Schattler (a friend of ours who is the listing agent…actually, I think she was the first friend we ever made when we moved to Southern Oregon, so it is somewhat full circle for her to be selling the land for us) through her website. You can see lots more photos of the property there as well.

open valleyIf you’re the philanthropic type, feel free to buy the property in my daughter’s name and make her the happiest 13 year old girl in the world! 😉 I had to throw that in there!

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  1. Wow,what a sweet place.This place explains how you turned out so well,after living there how could you not?
    Hope life is good.Billy

  2. Wow. An amazing property! I’ve been trying to get home to Southern Oregon for years but it has been difficult as of late as a single parent of 4. I would be honored to rent and be a caretaker on the property now or for the future owners! I will try to follow the sale….

  3. I can’t seem to find the property on her site. Can you list a direct link to the property page?

  4. I am interested in your home, can you PM me the price. It might be a great thing for our ‘dreams’. The realtors page did not work/ for the listings. Tracey

  5. Wow!!! Has this property been in your family a long time??? I went to the realtor’s website and saw all the pictures, how wonderful!!! Wish I could afford it! =P

  6. I was not able to find a direct link either. Unfortunately, the agent is in Costa Rica right now. You can contact Debbie in the meantime if you want more information. The main website (you can scroll down to listing #2936327 (currently listing 21 on the page). The price is $1,799,000 and it comes with a lot of “extras.” Jeanne’s email (which I believe Debbie is monitoring) is [email protected]. Hope it works out for your dreams!

  7. I am writing from Canada. Went into sight, your home is lovely. I am sure it will not be on the market for long.
    Sorry to hear that you will be moving from such a fantastic family home. I wish you the very best, JTF

  8. Thanks so much. I should be clear that my family (wife and kids) has not lived on this land for the last 3 years. My mother-in-law has been there for about 15, including the last three, but we moved away three years ago. It is still what my daughter considers “home” no matter how long we have been away as she started her life there and lived there for the first 10 years of her life.

  9. Wow, stunning! I’d be happy with just the cottage. Okay, maybe the greenhouse too. 😉 What a lovely intentional community this could become.

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