Lameroo, Australia 2011 Straw Bale Workshop House Completed!

Written by Gabriella

The hosts of the 2011 straw bale workshop house have completed their work and share a great slide show with us. We love what we do. We love that we get to inspire the inner builder in people and we love that we get to be a part of helping people create their dream straw bale homes. Being a part of straw bale workshop house builds is a very bonding and touching experience…after all, a home is often one’s most personal and sacred space. So when we come together as a group to help build someone’s dream house, it’s a pretty powerful experience.

We received a slideshow from the hosts of the Lameroo, Australia 2011 straw bale workshop house of their now completed home. I have to admit that my heart welled with joy and pride that in a way we helped create a wonderful home for this beautiful family.

If you’re interested in really learning how to build with bales and you want to have perhaps one of the best weeks of your life in the process, then come to one of our workshops. We ALWAYS have a good time and you will gain the confidence to build your own house too. CLICK HERE to see what workshop locations and dates we have available this year!

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