Love Those Around You…Always

Written by Andrew Morrison

white tiger hugging manPlease share your love with everyone you see today. Love those around you; your friends, your family and your neighbors. Love those you would consider your enemies. We cannot continue down the path of violence we seem to be creating in this world. I choose LOVE and I hope you will too.

The road to peace starts within each of us. First find peace within yourself and for yourself and share it with others. Forgive yourself for mistakes you have made and forgive those who have affected you with their mistakes. Forgiveness and love is all that we have to brighten this world and it is all that we need.

My heart bleeds today for the families of those killed in Connecticut and for the families of the survivors who have so obviously been emotionally battered by this tragic event. I offer my words of love and support to ALL OF US as we have all been affected one way or another. Whether you have kids or not I would venture to bet that you can feel the devastation of the loss the parents of those children must be enduring today.

Please, find a way to love those whom you might otherwise not offer such emotion to and love yourself in the process. Make this world a brighter place for us all to share.

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