Last Week to Sign up for the May Straw Bale Workshop!

Written by Andrew Morrison

Several individuals have moved their participation date from May to later workshops. As a result, I have several spots available in the May 7 day intensive straw bale workshop. The dates for the workshop are May 5 – 11. Obviously that is coming right up. If you are wondering whether this workshop is for you, please read on to hear what some of the April participants said about their experience. If you know you are ready to sign up, please click HERE to grab one of the last spots for May.

straw bale workshop group photoThe April workshop was a huge success. I was amazed at how far along we got with the building and how much the participants were able to learn and employ. Even with two completely unexpected days of snowfall, we were able to fully bale, shape, and plaster (exterior scratch coat) the entire building. It looks fantastic and I am seriously impressed with the ability of the participants to execute what they learned.

I am happy to hear that my impression of the workshop was also held by those who attended. I have gotten lots of positive feedback, some of which I have shared with you here. Perhaps the greatest thing about learning hands on is the ability to ask questions as the project moves forward. Not just questions about what is being done on the workshop, but how those new skills and techniques would influence someone’s home design or construction. I was able to answer questions specific to each participant’s situation and plan for construction. Everything from how to run a job site, to which type of plaster is the best option for an individual’s climate and use.

Andrew Morrison teaching straw bale

Check out what some of the participants had to say:

“Thank you for offering this one-of-a-kind learning experience, it was truly worth our while to take the time for the workshop. There is no doubt we are now more confident to take on much of the straw bale building process ourselves and potentially save money in labor and costly mistakes with the knowledge we gained.”

Thank you,
Skip & Jenna F., Colorado


“Thanks so much for the tips on building with straw bales, the great healthy meals, and the generosity that your family offered. The workshop was a blast and I left there feeling extremely fulfilled with not only the building process with straw, but also the relationships that were made.

I feel very excited and confident about building our straw bale home in the near future. Again, thank you to you and your family for the learning experience and the great times had by all.”

-Milan M., Massachusetts

I know we both learned a lot. You really are a good teacher and you bring so much to the teaching of the techniques just because of the person you are. I do miss the whole feeling of being at your home site and having you come in for breakfast starting our day with humor and kind ways.

Karin K., Maine

With the amazing week with the folks in the April workshop behind me, I am now preparing for the May workshop which takes place May 5-11. I am excited to meet a new group of people and teach them what I know.

If you are interested in signing up, there are still a few spots left. Please click HERE to sign up. With only a few days left before the workshop, I don’t know how long the spots will last. If you have been wondering whether or not the workshop would be right for you, I hope that the words above help to convince you to make the trip. I hope to meet you soon and teach you what you really want to learn.

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  1. Hi there,
    I would love to come to one of your workshops but I can’t this time… Will you have any more this year? If not, what about next year??
    I am in the middle of a re-build (not straw bale I’m afraid) or else I would… Next time I build anything (I hope) it’ll be my own straw bale home – and I’d love to learn…
    Next year?

  2. Hi Matt. I have several workshops scheduled for this summer in Jacksonville, Oregon including May 5-11, June 16-22, August 4-10, September 1-7 (in New York State), and September 15-21. Check out for more on the workshops. I have not put attention to 2009 so far. I hope you can make it to a workshop this summer.

  3. Any chance of a workshop in the Chicago area? When I started talking about building a straw bale cottage for me to retire to (just a short 9 to 10 years away!) all of these people jumped out of the woodwork (at work, on listservs, friends from various places) and asked me if I was going to start NOW because they wanted to learn the techniques! I had to disappoint them and say sometime within the next five years but I keep getting inquiries! It seems there are a lot of people truly interested in this area and around the U.S. Ever thought of taking your “show” on the road?? Boy, would I be happy! I’ll even cook!! I’m really a pretty good cook when motivated by the thought of sharing with others!

    BTW, bought your POST AND BEAM STRAW BALE video and I just LOVE it!

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. I am happy to hear there is such interest in your area. I have taken the workshop on the road in the past with both success and failure. I have recently run into problems with hosts backing out at the last minute, leaving me with a bunch of participants and no jobsite! Yikes. I have told past workshop participants that I would travel to their place for another workshop. It is key that I have a relationship with the host and this seems a great way to accomplish that. The workshop I offer at their property would be different from the one they come to on my property as mine is done on a small structure while theirs would be a full size house in most cases. Thanks for asking and perhaps I will end up in your area soon after all.

  5. Oh! I guess I was confused as to what you meant by “host”! I suppose that “I” would be the host as I’m thinking about building a small multi-purpose building on my property. Something like a combo garage and writing studio (have to put the electric car somewhere! LOL – Don’t I just WISH the full electrics were still in production!). I’m also a freelance writer and I was thinking it might be more efficient to have a very small writing studio sectioned off a garage rather than have a partial writing loft in the straw bale home itself. I truly loved the design of the house detailed in A HOUSE OF STRAW but don’t need so much room (just myself and my two kitties and maybe a small dog).

    Would “that” entice you to consider the Chicago area sometime in the near future??

  6. Andrew,

    Do you ever do workshops in the NM or AZ area?
    Or let me know if you have contacts that do similar
    workshops in the Tucson area.

    Thanks, Lynn

  7. That certainly sounds like a fun project. The biggest concern for me is knowing that the “host” will follow through with all the prep work and be ready for all of us when we show up. I do not in any way mean this to be disrespectful to you; however, I have been burned in the past by previous hosts and I do not want to continue that pattern. I am open to continuing this thread and see where we end up, but cannot commit to anything right now. I hope you understand.

  8. Lynn,
    One of the men who attended the April workshop lives in NM and he expressed some interest in hosting a workshop. I would be excited about teaching in that part of the World and would trust the man to host without question. I will update my workshops website ( new information is available. Thanks for asking.

  9. Not a problem at all! I completely understand that you don’t know me from Eve and that you would need to verify everything before you do any sort of planning to come to this area. No disrespect taken! Besides, I meant this to be in the FUTURE – maybe four or five years down the line. That should give you plenty of time to verify my reliability! I also understand that these sorts of things are a lengthy process in terms of arrangements so the YEARS down the line timeline should afford enough time for that.

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