Consulting Services for Straw Bale Construction Projects

Written by Andrew Morrison

Andrew MorrisonWondering if your construction plans are adequate to build from? Want to save thousands of dollars on your home construction? I can help you with consulting services for straw bale construction. I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and I can help you too. I offer all kinds of services from personal success coaching and basic project assistance to 12 month project consulting. I have something for everyone and would be happy to help you create the dream you’ve held in mind for so long.

1. General consulting about straw bale home applicability in specific regions.
2. Initial plan review for basic layout and function.
3. Construction Drawing review with full blown analysis of all straw bale aspects as well as general and specific design considerations.
4. Project consulting with building department support and assistance.
5. Monthly consulting packages for homes under construction.
6. Yearlong package consulting covering the entire scope of the job from start to finish.
7. Personal success coaching 

Because no two consulting jobs are the same, I offer a number of different ways to pay for the consulting you choose.

1. By the hour with a minimum of 2 hours on each job.
2. Project Packages. These packages allow you access to me on an ongoing basis over a period of:
a. One month
b. Three months
c. Six months
d. One year

The one year package is the most economical way to go if you are actually building a home because a full year of my consulting helps you walk through both the design and construction phases with an expert at your side. I have had very good results with my past clients. Here’s what some had to say.

“I wish I had brought Andrew on earlier in the process. Once he got on board, things smoothed out tremendously.”
Eric G. -Oregon

“The help I got from Andrew was great. What started as a simple plan review ended up saving me thousands of dollars in the long run. The number of mistakes on my plans was crazy, even though I had an architect do the drawings. “
Sarah P. -California

“I worked with Andrew during the construction of my home. I acted as my own contractor. The support I received from him was priceless. His technical knowledge of straw bale construction was why I decided to work with him, but I really feel like the personal support he offered me throughout the process was what helped me succeed in building my own house.”
Janet F. -Arizona

If you are planning to build your own house, I strongly recommend you hire me as a consultant to help you along the way. There is a lot to know and it’s easier to hire me to fill in the blanks than it is for you to learn what I have amassed over 12 years in the trade. As an industry leader in straw bale construction, I can help you make your dream a reality and help minimize the stress of the process at the same time.

Contact me today at [email protected] to learn how I can help you.

5 Responses

  1. What would it take to get you to come about 1-2 hours west of the Zuni workshop to take a look at our site? We did not know if this might be possible or not. We are just east of Snowflake AZ on 36 acres. Snowflake is west of St Johns AZ which is just west of Zuni NM. We would love to attend this workshop but it is not possible at this time. We will be watching more closely in the future for any workshops in the Southwest.
    Thank You, Bruce & Denise

  2. Hi Bruce and Denise. I would love to help you, but I simply cannot make the time to do it on this trip. Unfortunately, I booked my tickets a few days ago and I did not leave anytime on either end of the trip for side adventures. Sorry I can’t swing by. That said, I have done many “long distance” consulting jobs and would be happy to help you that way if you like. I can work with pictures, video, Skype, email, and phone. Let me know if you think that would help.

  3. Andrew,

    Reading your comment to Bruce & Denise, above about planning your trip, somehow reminded me of something I think you would find very useful.

    You may already know of this, but, as an architect as well as a college adjunct faculty member, I use a FREE conferencing website named “Vyew” (

    The key to this service is that this is an Internet website, not a program, so there are no program download or firewall security issues. You can use it with people across town or across the globe – anywhere you have Internet access. The company has cost versions of the service, but I’ve never needed the additional features or capacity beyond the free version. You should check it out. I have no personal or business stake in this, by the way – it just works really well and easily, so I’m always excited about passing the word along about it.

    The basic idea is that you register at Vyew to set up a virtual meeting room (you can actually set up many meeting rooms under the same registration, each private from the others) where you meet people with whom you are working. Each meeting room contains a “whiteboard” (onto which you can import graphic or text images) and includes some simple drawing and texting tools with which to communicate. You send an invitation with a link to the meeting room to the person with whom you are working, and they click on the link to enter the meeting room.

    Nice thing is that, through the link, you can meet at the same time, or each of you can enter and leave messages/drawings for the other separately whenever convenient (you always retain control over this privilege); so, no one is tied to a particular time, if one is not immediately available. Presently, with the free version, you can meet in a each Vyew meeting room with up to 20 people, I think it is, simultaneously, using a free conferencing phoneline; you pay your own long distance charge to call the number to simultaneously connect with the other meeting participant(s), but bringing all together on the same line is free.

    If you try it, let me know what you think at my email (easier for me to receive than remembering where I left this note). I really like Vyew. It saves me a ton of unnecessary driving costs and time in transit.

  4. Hi Andrew,
    I am in the UK and would love to build a straw bale cob home. Are you able to help meby zoom?

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