The First Two Owners Have Officially Moved in to The Straw Bale Village

Written by Andrew Morrison

fireplace in straw bale wallAs of this past Friday, July 14th, the first two owners have officially taken possession of their homes in the Straw Bale Village. It has been a long process from land acquisition, project design, civil engineering, City process, infrastructure construction, home design, City architectural review, structural home engineering, City building department review, home construction and now, finally, completion!

The owners are from California and Ohio and are both extremely happy with their homes. We are set to begin construction on the next two homes in the Village at the end of this month. While we schedule the start of those homes, we have another currently in City building department review, and one in design. The Village is finally starting to come to fruition after a long and sometimes uphill battle.

I am happy to see things moving the right direction and am also happy for the implications of a successful Straw Bale Village on development in this area and locations beyond Southern Oregon. I have already been contacted by people in Oregon, Australia, Las Vegas, Nicaragua, and California who are looking for guidance on creating a straw bale development of their own. I see these as exciting times for the world of straw bale construction. Above is a picture of the town home we just completed in the Village.

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  1. I’m wondering if contacting HGTV or Ed Bagley would help get the word out about the benefits of strawbale buildings.
    Just a thought.

  2. That is a great idea. I have not done that to date with Ed; however, I have been in touch with HGTV and things have not lined up yet in regards to that. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  3. Hi Lisa. Thanks for your interest. Please read through the details on THIS PAGE to learn about the hosting process. I’m not sure of your time line, so please be sure to include that in your communication from that linked page above. Cheers!

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