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March 2007 Building Green Podcast Q&A – StrawBale.com

Written by Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison podcastWelcome to the March 2007 Building Green podcast. This is my monthly Q&A session where I answer your green building and straw bale construction questions. Sorry it has been so long since I uploaded a Q & A podcast. I have been super busy putting together a brand new Load Bearing production and writing a straw bale construction field manual. This month I answer the following questions:

1. Are you limited to just stucco on the outside and plaster on the inside for a straw bale house, or can you use wood siding or brick on the outside and inside? Is there a system to attach wood siding to the bales rather than plaster?
2. Can you use shotcrete or stucco blowers on the walls instead of hand troweled plaster?
3. What’s your advice on finding local lenders who can help with straw bale?
4. Do straw bale houses have to be rectangular? How about an octagon?

To listen to this March 2007 Building Green Podcast on your computer please click the following link or right click to download the podcast to your hard drive:

March 2007 Building Green Podcast: March 2007 Edition

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