Here are your bonuses!

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Please follow the directions below to download the Bonuses.

Bonus 1:

Scale Drawings of Andrew’s Straw Bale Needle Design

Simply click on the link below to download. Note: Some files may simply open in your browser. If you want to avoid the file opening, just right-click and select Save Target As…If prompted, choose to Save file. Click Save and the file will be saved to your desktop or other location of your choice on your computer.
Scale Drawings of Andrew’s Straw Bale Needle Download File: File size: 1.83 MB Download Now

Print these drawings up and take them to a metal shop in your area. They will be able to fabricate a set of stainless steel straw bale needles for you.

Bonus 2:

How-To Guide to Retying Straw Bales E-Book

The How-To Guide to Retying Straw Bales Download File: File size: 2.7 MB Download Now

Bonus 3:

Two Special Reports: “The basics of bales” and “How to stack your bales correctly”

Baling Basics Download File:
File size: 0.7 MB
Download Now
Stacking Bales Download File:
File size: 0.5 MB
Download Now



Bonus 4:

Three Special Reports on these essential topics:

  1. Straw Bale Wall Preparation
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Toe Ups
  3. Framing Details
Straw Bale Wall Preparation:
File size: 1.1 MB
Download Now
File size: 0.3 MB
Download Now
Framing Details:
File size: 1.69 MB
Download Now