INORGANIC MINERAL SILICATE PAINT for lime and earth plasters, stucco/concrete, gypsum board. Petrifies and toughens the surface. Sheds water but high permeability allows substrate to breathe. Easy to apply. Decades long life. Natural earth product, environmentally safe. Non-allergenic. Beautiful esthetics – earth tones don;t fade. Repairable. Suitable for exterior and interior.
Silacote Mineral Paint GSM Associates, LLC 800-249-1881

Patrick Preciado Construction- Member Green Builders Association
I am a Contractor (ROC#276177) who is dedicated to building affordable and environmentally friendly housing. I have participated in the construction of two straw bale homes. I can build in California or in Arizona. Please contact me and lets talk about your vision for your straw bale home. 602-377-7363

Back 2 Basics (763197) Straw Bale Homes & Reclaimed Barn Wood
Back 2 Basics (763197) is a green builder with PASSION for straw bale construction. We are not just green builders, we are green salvagers. We take green ideals and apply them to every stage of the home builidng process.Taking your dream and making it reality is our PASSION. We will go anywhere to build your strawbale home.We also offer relcaimed barn wood.Please Call or Email Reese McCLure for more details on what we can do for you at 951-453-3899. Moreno Valley, Ca 92555 or [email protected]