Handcrafted Log & Timber
Handcrafted Log & Timber. Specializing in structural post & beam frames, truss’s and roof systems, made out of salvaged logs (beetle kill, blow down, fire kill, 1 in diameter!) & reclaimed or salvaged sawn timbers. Packages include – Design, Cad drawings, TPI Grading stamped materials, Crane & Installation. Phil 970.376.0991  www.handcraftedlogandtimber.com

Centennial Insurance Group
Centennial Insurance Group offers insurance programs for Straw Bale and Built Green construction. Please call or e-mail me for free consultation.
John Schaefer, Centennial Insurance Group, Littleton, Colorado
720-962-8700 [email protected] www.centins.com

Biotexture is an ecological construction company based out of Colorado specializing in strawbale building and non-toxic, breathable interior and exterior plaster finishes

Crown Jade Design and Engineering, Inc
Crown Jade Design and Engineering, Inc. specializes in architectural and structural plans for green/sustainable construction methods, including strawbale, SIPs, ICF, stacked tire, plus ? Licensed in AZ, CO, CT, ID, KY, MN, NM, OR, PA, WY 970-472-2394; 19736 Buckhorn Rd., Bellvue, CO 80512 www.crownjade.com. Engineered for the way you build, designed for the way you live.

Green Built Dwellings
30 year contractor specializing in the construction of small greenbuilt dwellings. STRAW BALE AND CORDWOOD MASONRY. Construction labor affordably priced at $60.00 per square foot. Move in condition includes all electrical and plumbing and back up energy systems. Ideal for the “off the grid” inspired. Serving Colorado and Wyoming. Email [email protected] or call Bryce at 720-429-4999.

SOLARWISE LLC – Natural Building & Design
Solarwise – Natural Building and Design specializes in energy and resource efficient design and construction. We create beautiful and healthy homes with exceptional attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship. Our projects incorporate appropriate site orientation, local/natural/green materials, recycled products, non-toxic finishes and renewable energy systems providing an attractive and nourishing home that is both socially and environmentally responsible. Email [email protected] or call Timbo at (719) 539-9160. www.solarwisellc.com.