Something is Missing in Your Life…and We Can Change That

Written by Andrew Morrison

Happy People on Straw BalesIf you’re like most people in the world, something is missing in your life. You may not know what it is, or may not have even identified with “missing something” until just now; all the same, you can feel it. Don’t believe me? Sit quietly and ask yourself: “Is there something missing? Is there a space within me that yearns for something else, maybe not necessarily something “more”, but something nonetheless?” Maybe you’re one of the few who has discovered what’s missing and have taken action. Thank you for being an inspiration. The world needs more people like you to inspire those around us who need a little nudge, or a helping hand.

Step Into What’s Missing

Happy people cutting a straw baleSo, are you ready to be inspired or ready to inspire others? If so, I want you to join me in one of three places: Kingston, Washington; Fort Garland, CO; and/or the Mora Valley, New Mexico. Why there? Because I’m willing to bet that none of you would have believed that a path to finding what you’ve been missing is to build a straw bale house with a group of folks all looking to experience something new. I wouldn’t have believed that just a few short years ago either. Now, I believe it wholeheartedly. I’ve seen it happen too many times to deny it. I’ve heard people tell me that the workshop was the best week of their life too many times to think it was a fluke. I’ve experienced people opening up to new levels of their own strength, inner beauty, resolve, and connection too many times to even question it. Want to be part of that? I sure do.

What Do You Want?

Happy women in front of straw bale houseIt works because of the people who show up and their/our willingness to jump into something special: community. It sounds simple because it is. That “something missing” I spoke of earlier isn’t some big mystery. It may have different flavors, but it typically comes down to one of the following. Which one resonates with you?

  • I want to feel connected to people in a meaningful way
  • I want to be seen as valuable (worthy, important, …you fill in the right word)
  • I want to be happy, truly happy, not just on the surface
  • I want to make a difference/have an impact
  • I want to be loved

Group of campers and chairs having dinner togetherAll of these things happen for people at our straw bale workshops, all the time. There is connection, joy, and love to be experienced while you make a difference to both the workshop host (as you build their home) and to the world at large by building sustainably. That, my friends, shows how valuable you are to every single living thing on this planet.

This may seem a bit over the top for a blog about construction, but it’s just the reality of what I see in my life, every day. So if any or all of the line items above sound like something you would like to experience more of in your life, now and moving forward, then join us and help us build a house! Jen, who has attended two workshops now and whom I’m happy to call my friend, says it best:

“A 10 day break from media and glowing screens, unplugged, submerged in a community of love and support is a life changing event. I am so fortunate to have had the privilege to experience this twice. Thank you.”

I don’t know if Jen would have identified with “something missing” before she came to her first workshop. What I do know is that she had not planned on being so taken aback by her overall experience: the connection to people, and the DISconnection from the crap our society leads us to believe we need. She found truth in a place she wasn’t looking for it. I LOVE when that happens to me and those around me. Here’s one more example from a young man named Doss. He came for the construction knowledge, but was also looking for something bigger than just straw bale construction when he arrived (albeit, he didn’t quite know that when he signed up).

“I have you to thank for the monumental shift in my life and honestly attending your workshop has been the best decision I’ve ever made to better myself.”

Again, not exactly what he was expecting when he decided to attend the workshop, but a life changing experience nonetheless. So what is it that you want? What is it that you’re looking for that a straw bale workshop just might lead you to? My guess is that a workshop might just be exactly what you need to discover those dreams of both building with bales and whatever else it is you’re searching for in life. Tall order, I know, but I trust the magic of the workshop.

You’ll Learn Some Serious S**T About Construction Too!

Construction Tools at a straw bale houseYour life will be different after you attend a straw bale workshop; this I know. It will be different because you will have made connections that bring you closer to your dreams. It will also be different from a practical standpoint of understanding construction at a new level. You will learn all of the steps of building a straw bale house from foundation to plaster, with hands-on experience that anchors the work into you at a different level than just reading about it or watching a video (don’t worry, you get ALL of our how-to videos and eBook for FREE when you sign up, so if you like those approaches, you’re still on the right track!).

“This class literally PAID FOR ITSELF in the first day. The amount of knowledge that Andrew shared along with his ability to explain complex details in simple, easy to understand language made the educational aspect of this workshop amazing. AND, we had a blast!!!”     

I will share with you years and hundreds of houses of experience in a way that allows you to find comfort in even the stressful situations home construction can put on your plate. After all, finding peace in a stressful situation may be just the thing you need in your life, regardless of your desire to build a home. CLICK HERE to see a list of all the things you’ll learn about straw bale construction.

“GO TO THIS WORKSHOP! I’ve been learning about straw bale buildings for years, and I can honestly say that Andrew is a natural teacher. He deals with real issues that any home builder might encounter, and handles it with actual how-to answers. Great motivation to continue in my quest to become a resident of a straw bale home! Thank you so much.”

People applying plaster to straw bale wallsWe do it all, and have a TON of fun in the process. Check out the photos below from the recent workshop in Ann Arbor, MI. It was…wait for it…an amazing week with incredible people and, you guessed it, life changing experiences! I’ve tried time and again to summarize the experience of our workshops, but the reality is that I’m not able to do that. An experience is an experience, it’s not a conversation about that experience. I want you to have your experience too and the only way you can do that is to actually come to a workshop. So, I have three options for you to chose from:

Kingston, Washington

Fort Garland, Colorado

The Mora Valley, New Mexico

All three of these workshops will prove to be an experience worth sharing. It may be for different reasons and perhaps even for reasons yet unknown. They will, however, be special and I look forward to sharing that experience with you. All of the classes have some space in them, but that is changing daily. In fact, there are only 3 spots left in the Kingston class as of this morning! Check out the photos below to see some more of the experience.

Side note: I can’t get the “photo gallery” to work the way I want it to, so the layout isn’t sexy. The photos are though (that is if you like awesome people building a straw bale house together!). Please note that if you click on an image to see a larger version, it will open it to full page and you’ll have to use your “back” button to get bak to THIS page. Sorry about that, but a tech wizard I am not. You can also watch a video my friend Ladrell made when he attended the Brenham, TX workshop years ago by clicking HERE. THAT is a sexy video…not like my amateur photo album blow! 😉 Yes…that is a baby lamb under a pizza box and no, we did not find him in the straw. He sure was cute though.



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