Speaking at the San Jose Convention Center This June

Written by Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison Radio InterviewI’ll be speaking at the Generation Green Expo at the San Jose Convention Center this June on the Main Stage. I’m speaking both Saturday and Sunday. I have been asked to give an introduction to straw bale construction and I plan to elaborate a little on Sunday. The idea is to present a basic introduction on Saturday and then see what the crowd is open for on Sunday. I may even ask the participants on Saturday what they’d like to talk about the next day and present something in line with that.

I like to play things by ear, so I imagine it will be a little free form in the end. It should be a fun event though, no matter how it comes together. Right now the only other speaker I know if is Ed Begley, Jr. I know they plan to release a speaker list soon, so the full details will be out in a couple weeks I would imagine.

Generation Green Expo Floor PlanAdmission to the event with hundreds of exhibitors (not exhibitionists by the way) is only $10. They have a long list of people planning to show their green products and services and I think you can learn a lot about what’s happening in the world of Green Technology at this event. It should be a great time. Here’s a little of what the Generation Green Website has to say: “Beginning June 26th and 27th, 2010 Home 1st will be bringing to the San Jose Convention Center the first of many nation wide Generation Green Expos. These Expos will help educate the community to the available environmental products and programs in the United States. Both individuals and companies will be invited to attend to learn all there is to know about how to convert their homes and business to be green. All manufactures, vendors, organization and programs displayed at the Generation Green Expos are United States owned and operated.”

I hope you’ll come visit me in San Jose and take part in this great event. Bring your questions and I’ll see you June 26th and 27th!

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