• Colonial Beach, VA 2018 SALE

Colonial Beach, VA 2018 SALE


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In the Host’s Own Words: a project description

The project is located in Colonial Beach, VA., only a short 60 minutes south of Washington, DC and 90 minutes north of Richmond, VA. It’s a small, quaint beach town with lots of summer weekend visitors enjoying the many restaurants, hotels and waterfront tiki bars. Colonial Beach is a peninsula with the Potomac River on one side and the Monroe Bay on the other.

Our property is called Monroe Bay Vineyard precisely because it’s located on the waterfront of the Monroe Bay. We have been making wine and hard cider for over 4 years from vineyard land just down the road and this endeavor will help us expand into this new property. We are so excited to bring back to life the property, which has so much history. We honestly believe we can bring great things to the land while still honoring the heritage of this place. And, of course this is good news for you too if you enjoy wine and hard cider as we’ll have plenty to go around!

What’s more, if you enjoy farming and spending time in nature you’ll love this property. It’s an 8-acre parcel of land with rolling hills ideal for grapevines and breathtaking views of the Monroe Bay. It’s accessible by car or boat (yeah, that’s cool) and is acts as a sanctuary for blue herons, ducks, and egrets. Feel free to bring your fishing pole, binoculars, and/ or yoga mat. There’s a ton to do here, without having to go out to find it.

Our property is also a historic site as it was the birthplace of James Monroe, our 5th president.  Historians say that much of the Monroe’s family wealth came from the hard apple cider and peach brandy they made. As such, it seems only fitting to bring back the heritage farm and to continue to make wine and hard apple cider. We are currently in the process of planting grapevines and apple trees on the property.

Our project is a 3,600 square foot barn that will be used for Monroe Bay Vineyard as a production facility and event space for weddings and other occasions. We’ve been saving empty wine bottles for some time and intend to incorporate the recycled bottles in our design. The structure will have all the bells and whistles of a regular bale house, and don’t worry, we will only be baling the first level since this is a large building.

I’m affectionately known in my family as the “mad scientist”, although I typically go by Kiki instead, and I’m the driving force behind the straw bale build. I am extremely excited about the project and love the use of sustainable green construction and recycling in the project. My partner Walter will also join the workshop. He has a background in architecture and has a passion for drone aerial photography.  I also have two children Lizzy (age 12) and Zach (age 10) that may join in the fun on the last weekend of the workshop.

I learned a ton by attending the Auburn, WV workshop last year, and am so excited to do this ourselves on our own build. It’s a dream come true. We look forward to hosting you on our project and are so excited to share the experience with you. We hope you sign up today and visit historic Monroe Bay in Colonial Beach.

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• Post and Beam Straw Bale Instant Download Video

• Load Bearing Straw Bale Instant Download Video

• Concrete Slab Instant Download Video

• Framing for Straw Bale Instant Download Video

• Plastering with Natural Hydraulic Lime Instant Download Video

• Be Your Own Contractor Training Instant Download Video Series

• A Modern Look at Straw Bale Construction E-Book

• Straw Bale Specific Construction Details Booklet

• Three Healthy Meals per Day During the Workshop

• Use of Bathroom/Bathing Facilities

• 7 Days of Instruction and Hands-On Learning

• Camping Space


“This was a life changing experience”  -Dana P, Tennessee

“Andrew is an outstanding facilitator”  -Julie S, Saskatchewan

“One of the best weeks I’ve ever had”  -Federico F, Buenos Aires

“Workshop paid for itself the 1st day”  -Clint P, Manitoba