• Henderson, NV 2017

Henderson, NV 2017



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Mark had been working for months on creating his dream straw bale house and was frustrated with the dead ends he kept encountering. He was determined to build the home, even though there was nobody in his area who seemed to fully understand what he was trying to create. He reached out to me and we got the ship righted quickly and headed downstream with much more care and attention to detail. We started working together on the design, and I know that this home will be a beauty that will inspire others in the desert of Las Vegas to build energy efficient homes. We all know that a super insulated, straw bale home is perfect for that location. Speaking of location, it’s Vegas! Who thought I’d ever teach a straw bale workshop in Vegas? Does this mean straw bale construction has hit the big time? Join us and we will find out together.


casa-de-murphyMy name is Mark and I am a CPA in Las Vegas, NV, the Entertainment Capital of the world. I love the desert and would never want to live anywhere else. I have previously built a house, however, it was not a straw bale home, so I’m excited to create something that much more special. You may have noticed that the workshop is located in a town called Henderson, yet there are clearly references to Las vegas going on. Henderson borders Las Vegas and my property has stunning, panoramic views of the city below. It’s like having all the benefits of Las Vegas without the challenges of living within the city limits. It also means I get to enjoy the desert, something I love. 

Western Wild Horse In Spring Mountains Nevada

The current construction site is on 2.5 level acres where I plan to build my Pueblo-style straw bale home. I live on the property with 6 horses and an adopted BLM burro, and in true ranch fashion I built the horse barn first. My horses are all trained and proven cutting horses and I now have a small breeding operation as a hobby. On a somewhat related note, you may or may not know that Nevada has one of the highest concentrations of wild horses in the United States. Yes, there are still wild horses in the US!

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign_FilteredOne of my clients has a straw bale house that I found absolutely fascinating so I began gathering information and studying this type of construction and after a lot of trial and error trying to find the right people to assist with this project, I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew and everything started falling into place. I am very excited to be bringing this project to fruition. I have many clients who are excited about my project and want to take part as well. For me this has taken on the feel of an old time barn raising where all the family and friends take part with the end result being a home built with enduring friendships and love.

I hope you’ll participate in my build. It’s an amazing opportunity to bring something powerful to Vegas: sustainable, straw bale construction and a deep sense of friendship and community. Of course, it’s still Vegas, so if you want to live by the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” we won’t stop you from experiencing that side of the coin either!

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• Post and Beam Straw Bale Instant Download Video

• A Modern Look at Straw Bale Construction E-Book

• Be Your Own Contractor Training Instant Download Videos

• Straw Bale Specific Construction Details Booklet

• Three Healthy Meals per Day During the Workshop

• Use of Bathroom/Bathing Facilities

• 7 Days of Instruction and Hands-On Learning

• Camping Space


“This was a life changing experience”  -Dana P, Tennessee

“Andrew is an outstanding facilitator”  -Julie S, Saskatchewan

“One of the best weeks I’ve ever had”  -Federico F, Buenos Aires

“Workshop paid for itself the 1st day”  -Clint P, Manitoba