Desert Sunset - Featured Image
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Desert Sunset

This modest design offers one full bedroom and an extra loft for a bedroom or just a chill spot to check out the views. It has a wrap-around porch to capture all of the views, sunrises, and sunsets. High vaulted ceilings and passive solar clerestory windows open this design up and fill it with natural light. The wrap-around porch protects the walls and keeps the interior cool throughout. Perfect for those that want both the indoor and outdoor lifestyle.

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1256 sqft

1.5 Levels

2 Beds

1 Baths

Basic Details
Total Living Area
1256 sq. ft.
Main Level
1256 sq. ft.
244 sq. ft.
Third Level
0 sq. ft.
Ceiling Height
Primary Roof Pitch
Roof Framing
Wall Structure
Post & Beam
Slab On Grade
Lot Type
Alternatives To Consider (details not included)
Stem Wall w/ Crawlspace, Stem Wall w/ Floating Slab
Lot Type
Gentle Slope
Interior Features
Open Floor Plan
Natural Light
Utility Room
Vaulted Ceiling
Wood Stove
Exterior Features
Wrap-Around Porch
Clerestory Windows
Special Features
Simple Design / Layout
Spiral Stairs
Foundation Plan
Floor Plans w/ Dimensions (for each level)
Exterior Elevations
Building Cross Section
Floor Framing Plan (for each level)
Roof Framing Plan
Electrical Plan (for each level)
Construction Notes
Window and Door Schedule
Foundation Details
Straw Bale Details

We’d expect you to modify the plans to fit your individual needs, desires, and local building requirements as we don’t think that any one set of plans is perfect for everyone. Click the button to learn more.

House Plans FAQs

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It will depend on where you are building. Many jurisdictions require structural engineering that meets the current code cycle, and some also request energy efficiency documentation or other information.  A geotechnical report can also be required for some areas.

All sales are final. Returns are not accepted on any of our stock plans.

You will receive a Copyright License along with the plans which give you the legal right to build the house (one time only) and modify the plan if so desired.

Unfortunately, materials lists are not included with our plans as part of the standard set. If an architect or designer has a materials list available, it will be clearly noted on the plans page as a bonus feature.

Not at this time.

So many! Here’s a few… A straw bale house is at least 3x more energy-efficient and has a fire resistance of 3x compared to a typical conventional house. These homes are extremely soundproof, are made from a compostable “waste” material, do not off-gas like conventional homes, and have soft lines which translate into a calm and beautiful home. This last point is hard to convey in words, but there is nothing quite like the ‘feel’ of a well-built straw bale home (if you have ever visited one, you know what we mean!)

Yes. Most of the homes on the site can be easily modified to change the foundation type. A structural review will be necessary to ensure that the change does not negatively impact the construction of the house; however, such a review is relatively simple to complete and can be done by your builder or designer (if you are using one for modifications), or by working directly with the original architect/designer.

The same is true for lot types. Just because the home was originally built on a steep slope does not mean it can’t be modified to fit your flat lot, and vice-versa. There will, of course, be a cost to make such changes, but it can be done. Although some designs are limited by lot dimensions and slope, it is still worth investigating designs that catch your eye.

We believe that proper placement of the home on the land is very important. Everything from solar gain and prevailing wind direction to the amount of site excavation and tree removal plays a large part in the success of your construction project. Keep in mind that making sure that the plan you like will work on your property is something you want to do early on in the process. 

The most common size of the plans is Architectural D or 36″x24″; however, we do sell plans in other sizes. The driving factor of the plan size is the scale of the drawings and the size of the structure. 

We try to keep all plans in the industry standard of 1/4″ = 1′-0″ for floor plans and schematic drawings. Of course, the details are typically on a larger scale; however, they are focused on a specific aspect of the job and do not drive the overall paper size the way floor plans and elevations do. In addition, the number of pages in a given set of plans varies: depending on the scale, size of the project, number of detailed drawings, and more. Rest assured, our plans are full of the necessary information to build the structure.

There will definitely be changes required for these plans to work outside of the United States.  The biggest issue is that the unit of measurement is feet and inches for the majority of the plans on this site (not all, but the majority). You’ll need to change the measurements so that the unit of measurement common to your country is used. Adjusting the measurements in the field is NOT recommended.

Plans may need modifications to meet compliance with local requirements and building site needs. It is the purchasers’ and his/her designer, architect, engineer, and/or builder’s responsibility to know and build with current codes and regulations in the jurisdiction governing the project.

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Modifying Plans

In most cases, our customers use their local resources, their builder or designer, to make the changes to the plans; however, it is sometimes possible to work directly with the original architect or designer to make the necessary changes. A fee of some kind will be in place for such modifications, and that fee is set by the architect or designer.

Steps To Take

Step 1:

First, find a plan that is almost perfect.

Step 2

Buy the plan you would like to customize.

Step 3

Work with a design professional to fine-tune your plan!

We are happy to put you in direct contact with the architect and designer if they are open to modifications (see below for the current availability of the designer of this plan.)

To work with the original architect or designer, you will first need to purchase the plans. We will then put you in direct contact with the architect or designer. At that point, we will no longer be involved with your discussions as they relate to the changes to the plans. 

Should you decide not to work with the original architect or designer, you are welcome to work with anyone of your choosing to modify the plans in line with the copyright requirements stated in the Terms of Use

Is This Designer Available For Modifications?

YES, the designer of this plan does provide modification services. Please contact us at [email protected] so we can put you in direct contact with them.