• Load Bearing Video

Load Bearing Video


Load Bearing construction uses the bales themselves as the structural element of the home.  The roof sits directly on the bale walls and the straw itself is load bearing.  In nearly 2 hours of instruction we take you through the entire process of building a load bearing straw bale home in a day-by-day teaching format.

We show in detail everything from creating a pad and pier raised floor foundation, to installing toe-ups, baling the walls square and plumb, using the best strapping to pre-compress your walls, installing the rafters, attaching the roof sheathing, installing windows and doors, dealing with cabinetry installations, and much more.



1. Site Eval, Foundation & Deck

• The best location to place the first concrete pier.
• How to adjust for the frost line.
• How to level the pier pad and what tools to use.
• The best way to assess/install your wood for natural crowning.
• How to set up your posts and floor joists.
• The 3,4,5 rule to get your framing perfectly square.
• The best wood to use for shims.
• How to set the joists perfectly.
• When you need to use joist hangers/when you don’t.
• How to install tongue and groove sub decking.

2. Preparing for the Bale Raising

• Making toe-ups that fit the bales you’ll be using.
• How to use a rebar cutter to make the rebar corner staples.
• All the details you need to create perfect box beams.
• How best to prepare for the bales.
• Secure the first course of bales to the toe-ups.
• The best material to use in the toe-ups.
• How to keep the job site clean and safe.

3. The Bale Raising!

• How to install temporary corner posts to make sure your walls stay plumb.
• The best ways to make window and door bucks.
• 4 things you must check for to get the best bales for the job.
• Know how to select the best surface of the bale to face into the structure.
• How to cut and re-tie bales.
• How to use a baling needle.
• How to make sure your corners are structurally tied together.
• The best ways to get your windows set up.
• How to install the box beam.

4. Preparing for the Roof

• The best ways to clean up the bale walls of loose chaff.
• Learn what piece of equipment is best for smaller buildings.
• How to get the bales perfectly plumb and level.
• Learn the best strapping to use and how to install it.
• How to use a Cordstrap® ratchet to compress your bales
• The best slope/pitch to use for your roof to get proper drainage.
• How to build a pony wall to create the correct pitch to your roof.
• How to install the rafters including “barge rafters” or “fly rafters”.

5. Finishing up the Roof

• The best and safest way to install the fascia boards by yourself.
• How to install a rake wall above the bale wall and underneath the roof.
• How to install the plywood sheathing to the rake wall without waste.
• How to install plywood sheathing on the roof.
• The best techniques to attach the roofing felt.

6. Doors, Windows, and Wire Mesh

• The best way to attach your window and door bucks to the walls.
• The 5 different types of mesh you can use to re-enforce the plaster.
• The requirements of various different plastering techniques.
• How to install J-Metal.
• How to stuff holes and gaps in the walls prior to applying the mesh.
• The best tool to use to tighten and fasten the mesh against the walls.
• When and how to install plastering lath around windows.

7. Bonus Chapter

• Plumbing installation.
• Electrical installation.
• How to install baseboard trim on bale walls.
• Working in high rain climates and how to protect against water infiltration.
• How to create curved niches in your bale walls.
• How to install cabinets and recessed cabinetry.


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“The DVD was very comprehensive and informative.  I feel that I can tackle my straw bale building project with confidence now! “ –B. Ashwell, Kathmandu, Nepal

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