z-Medford, Oregon 2019


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  • 7 Days of Hands-On Experience
  • NO Previous Construction Experience Required
  • All Meals Provided
  • On Site Camping and Facilities Provided
  • Over $400 in FREE BONUSES

In the Host’s Own Words: 

Our family is excited to host a straw bale building workshop on our farm in the agricultural region of Central Point, Oregon.  Our farm is centrally located in between the Table Rock Mountains, both sacred rock formations where the Native Americans of the Takelma tribe made their last stand.

These picturesque mountains (complete with well-maintained hiking trails to the top) provide a beautiful backdrop for our homestead on both sides, with elk ranging the hillsides and hawks and herons soaring above.

Your hosts!

You’ll find that our little slice of Southern Oregon provides travelers with a host of recreation options.  The Rogue River (just a few miles south of our farm) offers famous rafting and fishing opportunities.  Crater Lake National Park, which gets our vote as the most magnificent lake on Earth, lies less than 2 hours away.  150 wineries dot our region with over 70 varieties of grapes, making up the most diverse wine experience you’ll find anywhere.

A short drive to the South gets you to Ashland Oregon, a walkable community famous for its historic buildings, quality restaurants and shops, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the largest repertory company in the USA.  Finally, just a few hours drive away is the Oregon Coast, replete with majestic rocky cliffs and sandy beaches, and Redwood National Park, showcasing the tallest trees in the world.

Your workshop experience will take place on our farm, which is in the development phases of becoming a center for sustainable living and agriculture.  We have initiated practices of silvopasture, food forestry, hugelkultur, rotational grazing, composting, and sheet mulching into our farm.  We built 200 square foot cob and straw bale buildings for farm operations.

These investments in sustainability will serve to educate and inspire a new generation of empowered stewards of our Earth. Modern civilization’s affect on rising atmospheric CO2 levels and dwindling natural resources leaves us with a moral imperative to respond.  Your work in this workshop will be leading step in this sustainability mission.

You’ll be helping to build this beautiful straw bale center

Our workshop will focus on the construction of our farm center.  It will be a 3,000 square foot building on the inside that will take full advantage of passive solar heating, with south facing windows and eaves that let in winter sun but also provide summer shade.

Our straw bale walls and thick ceiling and floor insulation will ensure that our heating and cooling requirements will be minimized.  We will then showcase our building for education and advocacy so others will consider more green building practices, a key move we must make toward sustainability.

We can honestly say that having a young bagpiper on the workshop site will be a first!

This beautiful straw bale structure we’re building together will host retreat intensives where men, women, couples, and youth overcome the emotional trauma from their past that limits their ability to live peaceful, whole, successful, and vibrant lives.  Speaking from personal experience, our culture has raised generations of men disconnected from their emotions of sadness, fear, and joy, leaving only anger as an acceptable emotion to embody.

As a nurse, I see how our lack of education in emotional awareness and communication drives our high levels of anxiety, depression, violence, and suicide.  As a wise man once told me, “hurt people hurt people”.

Fortunately, we can show others a path toward healing the emotional wounds that they’ve tried to mask and bury.  We can provide a safe space for processing their grief.  We can prevent future violence and fledge emotionally healthy husbands, fathers, etc.  Join us as we build the launching point for this healing work in our community.

So thank you for considering joining our straw bale building workshop.  We look forward to a fun-filled experience complete with delicious food, campfires, and bagpipes (yes, bagpipes!  Our 9-year old son will be serenading us with his amazing talents).  Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Phil, Katie, and the boys (Gavin, Caleb, and Jonah)

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• Post and Beam Straw Bale Instant Download Video

• Load Bearing Straw Bale Instant Download Video

• Concrete Slab Instant Download Video

• Framing for Straw Bale Instant Download Video

• Plastering with Natural Hydraulic Lime Instant Download Video

• Be Your Own Contractor Training Instant Download Video Series

• A Modern Look at Straw Bale Construction E-Book

• Straw Bale Specific Construction Details Booklet

• Three Healthy Meals per Day During the Workshop

• Use of Bathroom/Bathing Facilities

• 7 Days of Instruction and Hands-On Learning

• Camping Space


“This was a life changing experience”  -Dana P, Tennessee

“Andrew is an outstanding facilitator”  -Julie S, Saskatchewan

“One of the best weeks I’ve ever had”  -Federico F, Buenos Aires

“Workshop paid for itself the 1st day”  -Clint P, Manitoba