• Plastering Video

Plastering Video


Did you know that the average cost of hiring a plaster crew to apply 3 coats of plaster to a 1,500 sq.ft. home is over $15,000?  And that’s just for the labor! Fortunately plastering is a skill that IS teachable and customers around the world have successfully created beautiful plaster jobs on their straw bale homes.

The How-To Guide to Plastering video includes nearly a full hour of information, sourced from professionals, that you need to know in order to plaster your straw bale structure successfully with natural hydraulic lime. This is, in my opinion, the best material to plaster your bales with due to its durability, breathability, natural ingredients, and user-friendly application. That said, the techniques I teach in this video can be used with just about any plaster you choose. The technical details transfer to such finishes as earthen plaster, cement/lime mixes, and more. No matter what plaster you choose, the information in this video will help you create a beautiful and durable finish.


• A quick overview for an understanding of HOW THE ENTIRE PROCESS WORKS.
• A LIST OF ALL THE TOOLS you need to build your project.
• The latest plastering techniques that will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.
• Learn the BEST METHOD TO PROTECT WOOD posts/beams prior to plaster.
• SAVE A LOT OF CLEAN UP TIME after you are finished plastering.
• I show you the best techniques for PROTECTING YOUR WINDOWS.
• See how to keep your trim details protected.
• The correct techniques to PREPARE THE BALES for the scratch coat.
• Learn the correct methods for preparing for subsequent coats.
• How to PROTECT YOUR WALLS from wind, sun and rain.
• Discover the RIGHT TOOLS to use.
• Learn all of the advantages of using natural hydraulic lime plaster.

Once the overview and general information section is complete, I walk you, step by step and coat by coat, through the process of plastering your straw bale structure. Traditional plaster has a minimum of three coats, each applied at different stages of the process. They are called the SCRATCH COAT, BROWN COAT, AND FINISH COAT. The three coat process makes the finish extremely durable, crack resistant, and beautiful.


• Learn the correct mixing ratio of sand, lime, and water for the perfect mix!
• I teach you the best way to mix your plaster to the perfect consistency.
• Learn tricks of the trade to prepare your mortar mixer.
• Learn how to pick out the best grade of sand for each stage.
• Learn how to recognize when walls are ready for misting.
• I discuss the timing between plaster coats for the best results.
• Learn the correct order in which to add material to the mortar mixer.
• Discover the best material to use as a binder when preparing the plaster.
• Judging the correct consistency of your plaster.
• How professional plasterers get the plaster from mixer to wheelbarrow.
• Learn the best way to use your hawk and trowel.
• Learn how to prepare your tools prior to applying the plaster.
• How to get the plaster from your hawk to the wall.
• Learn the proper scratch technique for your initial coat.
• Learn the best ways to plaster a truth window and a niche.


• Know when the scratch coat is ready for the brown coat application.
• Learn the different mixing ratio for the brown coat.
• Learn all of the different tricks to prevent cracks in your brown coat.
• Learn the correct curing time and the procedure for fixing initial cracks.
• I teach you how to repair holes, hollows, and gaps in your plaster.
• Learn how to float your brown coat to get a smooth and straight finish.
• How to store your lime. Mixing it ahead of time will make it cure better.
• The” Barber Pole” technique (how to get a nice rounded, exterior corner)
• Use of the sponge float for any arched, curved, or round details.
• How to use a darby to get the smoothest finish possible.
• What to do if you need to stop your plaster from one day to the next.
• How to “cut-in” plaster against your door or window trim.
• How to place plaster in the niche on your interior walls.
• The correct tool to use to get a perfect rounded edge in tight spaces.
• How to make a sharp corner and the tools you will need to achieve this.
• How to smooth out the corners where two perpendicular surfaces meet.


• I’ll show you a single layer finish coat and a two-coat technique.
• Learn the similarities and differences of the finish coat and previous coats.
• How to eliminate “cold joints” or “burn” marks in your finished plaster.
• Learn the different mixing ratios for site mixed finish plaster.
• The 4 gauges of sand to use in order to get the best adhesion.
• How to add consistent color to your plaster.
• Learn how to get the correct consistency for your finish plaster.
• Learn about using pre-mixed plaster for the best and easiest finish coat.


• Cost: $24.99 Instant Download; $39.99 Shipping and Handling Included
• Running time:  52:00 
• DVD Region: 1 (US/Canada).  Compatible w/ all computers globally
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• Shipping Costs:  None.  Shipping and Handling is FREE. SORRY, we do not ship to South Africa.
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“These guys have really nailed it! I have been selling this product for many years and in that time no one has covered this information in the depth that they have. This is the most comprehensive video on Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster that I have ever witnessed.” Michel Couvreux, Trans Minerals USA, Inc. US Importer of St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster

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