Rogersville, Missouri


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Inna contacted me early on about hosting in the 2016 workshop season. She quickly connected with me about her plans and how she and her husband Val wanted to build their dream home. It was soon after meeting her that she shared with me that Val had cancer and was in the middle of a fight, literally, for his life. At first I wondered if they were perhaps biting off more than they could chew with the workshop, but I quickly learned that this is the spirit of adventure, love for life, and trust in God that they have. Who was I to stand in their way?!




When my husband Val and I  decided to move to southwest Missouri with our family, we came with the intention of buying a home on some rural land. We wanted to move away from the hustle and bustle of Portland, OR living. unfortunately, once we got here we quickly realized that we don’t like the style of homes here. Instead, we decided to buy some raw land and build our own house. We found the perfect 20 acres of rolling hills and a park like setting and quickly fell in love with it.

A few years ago, we sold 10 acres to my parents and they built their own home  on the property 2 years ago. While we were helping my parents with their design,  I came across straw bale homes and instantly knew this would be how we built our house. As much as we were in love with the land and in love with straw bale construction, life was still keeping us from building…until now. When Andrew agreed to do a workshop with us on our project, we knew that now is the right time, and is meant to be.

Rustic Family RetreatWe are a large family and have extended family, not only in my parent’s house, but also in the general area. As such, our plan is to build the main house, a roughly 3000 sq ft design known as the “Rustic Family” (click here to check out the design) and then build 2 smaller, cottage style homes for our kids to live in once they are older. We plan to start those builds within a year or so of completion of our main house.

Rogersville, Mo is 15 minutes outside of Springfield and 45 min to Branson. There is so much to do here in the summer, so listing everything seems unlikely. Our favorite activity is canoeing with friends and family. There are so many parks and rivers nearby that you could spend the whole week exploring and still not see everything. Springfield is the home of Bass Pro and it’s a great idea to leave some time to go check it out. Come for the fun, the food, the family, the education, the friends, and the overall experience. We hope to see you in May!

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• Post and Beam Straw Bale DVD
• ALL Meals During the Workshop
• Use of Bathroom/Bathing Facilities
• 7 Days of Instruction
• Camping Space


“This was a life changing experience”-Dana P, Tennessee
“Andrew is an outstanding facilitator” -Julie S, Saskatchewan
“One of the best weeks I’ve ever had”-Federico F, Buenos Aires
“Workshop paid for itself the 1st day” -Clint P, Manitoba