Here’s some feedback we have had from people who have used our straw bale building and construction videos, attended our workshops, and from people who have signed up for our FREE E-Course.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″ css=”.vc_custom_1626839358606{background-color: #f2f0de !important;}”][vc_column_text]”Now this is what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve read all the straw bale books on the market and they’re all good, but they just can’t compare to the detailed step-by-step instructions in your videos. Keep ’em coming!”
— TC Martindale

“The workshop week was transformative for me. What we learned will benefit us for years to come. What we experienced will benefit us for the rest of our lives!
— Jeff Johnson

“For me the straw bale workshop week felt like being part of an All Star team, everyone from everywhere bringing their diverse talents together to get the job done. Great ownership, fantastic coaching and great individual and team play. Loved the project, the work, the people and the music. I’d play  with this group again anytime.”
–D. Heikens

The Three videos are absolutely the best thing I’ve found in the Straw bale building industry. Thanks again for all your hard work helping other’s with their Straw Bale Dreams.”
— David Noe

“I must say I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever had a response and resolution via email ever and I spend around 95% of my money online so that’s an awesome feat!”
–I. Kirkpatrick

I’m devouring the videos. They’re just what I’ve needed. I received the videos quickly and watched them from 10 pm to 4 am non-stop. They filled in all the gaps in my understanding of “how to.” Thanks again.”
–J. Callander

“You truly are an inspiring teacher.  All who are lucky enough to be your students receive the great gifts of your expertise, your humor, and your belief that we can all make a difference one home at a time.  It was such a great pleasure to meet you and to be guided by you.  I hope to be able to repeat the experience in the future.”
–Karen Pope

“Wow where do I even start? That was one of the best weeks of my life.  I think Danielle and I are going to be your Strawbale groupies. Thank you so much for creating such a magical workshop.  Cheers!!!!”

“Andrew Morrison’s great instructional DVD covers all aspects of building a post and beam type Straw Bale building. I must say that on a ‘return on investment’ basis this DVD beats any SB book several times over, hands down! When you take into consideration the cost of SB books and then add the extensive time needed to read them, try to make sense of the diagrams and descriptions, its easy to see how a small investment on this DVD is a great deal either as a starting point to learn about SB building or as an extension to your existing reading. Even if you have some practical experience its unlikely that Andrew’s DVD isn’t going to pay for itself several times over.”
–Trevor Cryer
London, United Kingdom

“It is not only your experience that makes these workshops successful but your spirit and outlook on life.  I was so impressed by how you can get a group of people to work so smoothly on a construction site, then at the end of the day still want to be around each other laughing and sharing. Once again thank you for such a great experience.  Best Regards,”
–Theresa Coleman

“Thank you both for such an outstanding resource!  We’re about to begin construction and could not have done it with any excellence without your DVDs. Best regards,”

Great service!  Yes … these are excellent videos … by far the best I have seen.  I like the fact that you guys cover EVERY detail.  Many videos give you the big picture but then leave you hanging on the small stuff which limits your ability to actually do the project.”
–Jeff Walton

“What an awesome experience.  It was truly hard to leave and be back home.  I realize that this workshop was so much more than just learning about strawbale construction.  I met 40 amazing people and gained several close friends from it. You personally are an inspiration to me for a role model as someone who has intentionally created a fun and fulfilling life.  Thank you greatly for that.”
–My Best, Reid Heimbeck

Andrew, your DVDs are clear, concise and enjoyable.  Anyone serious about straw bale construction will gain invaluable insights into their future project.
— Richard Power
Stratford upon Avon, UK.

“Andrew, We have all of your DVDs and are looking forward to your latest one: Load Bearing Straw Bale! Your DVDs are all excellent and contain the right amount of technical detail and even humour that makes them enjoyable to follow! 🙂 We consider you to be the -ONLY- relevant and importantly -CURRENT-(up to date) information provider on this excellent home building technique.
— Jeff Hamilton
The corner of N.W. Arkansas

I have never witnessed such thorough customer satisfaction as I have with your ongoing support. although my structure is still in the planning stages (foundation this spring) i am so looking forward to putting all the ideas into play as well as a few of my own. One day i plan to sit down inside my own straw bale dwelling and think fondly of everything you have done to make it reality. Great job guys and keep it up.”
— Carlos Jarrett
Clendenin, WV

i have you guys to thank for the monumental shift in my life and honestly it has been the best set of decisions I’ve ever made to better myself and it all started with attending the workshop in Killdeer ND two summers ago.”
–Doss Palmer, Manitoba

“Our goal is to put a roof over our heads without a mortgage. We are not builders – this idea is huge for us. We are building very small, an arrangement that suits us well. Thanks again for being such a solid inspiration, your message is true, brave and strong – and practical.
–Aloha, Narel Shearer

“You need to know that your videos are so fun to watch and just watching you joking around up on the ladder boxing yourself in and your funny atttitude about it, makes me laugh. You have a Way of making us smile, alot, so thanks, not just for your amazing teaching skills and great information, but for being a genuine person.”
–Chris Gates

“Merry Christmas! Just watched my xmas gift to self of basics of bale building dvd… great product! High quality filming, detailed explinations and visuals. THANKS!”
–Russ and Jody

“I have had a dream of building a strawbale home for myself for a very long time. Buying your DVDs was a huge step for me in moving towards that dream, it feels really good.   I have been so impressed and aligned with how the team at Straw Bale Innovations have organized and presented information, feels so clean, simple and full of confidence. I am excited to kindle my straw bale passion’s flames.  So thank you all for taking the time to be so detailed in all that you have created.  I look forward to being a part of this community.”
–Tanya Peters

“Based on the information on the website and in the resource materials at I came to the Corvallis workshop with very high expectations.  After a week of terrible weather, fabulous instruction and wonderful fellowship I am happy to report that my expectations were far EXCEEDED. Andrew is a teacher of rare talent. I will carry the lessons forward and am excited for the opportunity to use the new information to build our own straw bale heaven.”
–Mary Bushmand

“Andrew, Thank you for all the great support that you are responsible for in the straw bale home ‘DREAM!‘ I have been holding my dream for over ten years now and your DVD on Post & Beam Straw bale construction with the Plaster DVD are by far the best instructions that I have seen. Books are great but nothing has come close to the support that I felt from your DVD set. I have been looking forward to your next instructional DVD with great expectation. Keep up the good work!”
— Steve Petersen
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

I find the information contained in the Straw bale DVDs to be invaluable; though books are very helpful, seeing the strawbaling process being carried out ‘live’ before your very eyes makes all the difference. Sometimes words are not enough you need to see it being done to really get the hang of it. Thanks for making the straw bale process so accessible.”
— Terry Gerling
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I visit web site two or three times a week, taking in as much information as I can making notes, my go to page for information, one of my top 3 favorite places to be on the web. Thank you for seeing my bigger picture and your advice, hopefully I will someday soon send you pictures of my SB home. Thank you again for your time and valued knowledge.”
— Robin

“Andrew I have watched you DVD and read all the lessons. They are very well done for those of us who are all thumbs. After the lessons and DVD I am sure I will be able to get it done with no problem, and if I do have a problem all the info I need is close at hand. Thanks.”
— Gale Bachman
Red Bluff, CA

The Post frame and Plastering DVDs were great. You make it look easy. Every question I had was answered in the DVDs.
— Shawn
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

After watching the Straw Bale DVD, I have more confidence that I (a woman) could do this myself, (with a little help from my friends) and can’t wait to get started!
— Debbie Gentry
Curryville, Mo

“I have attended workshops on Straw Bale construction and bought several books on all aspects of straw bale construction and finishing, and have found these DVDS to be the absolute best, most informative, and easiest to understand if you want to build using straw bale.  I look forward to new additions to this resource library to assist those of us that love the straw bale concept.”
— C.A. Baldwin
Loa, UT

“Thanks ever so much for your free straw bale lessons. I have been looking forward to each and every one of them. I will definitely be buying the DVD’s very soon! Thanks again and keep up the good work!”
— Wendy
Warren, Michigan

Your DVDs are an inspiration, they illuminate and educate and are well worth buying.
— David Waller
Bethesda, North Wales

Your straw bale DVD’s have given me the confidence to begin my first project. I eagerly await your DVD on the load bearing method as that is the way I want to build my mountain retreat.”
— Ron Gillentine
Wofford Heights, CA

“I used your DVD for the construction of a concrete slab in an existing Pole Barn. It was extremely helpful. I was able to follow your instruction step by step and finish a slab 24 feet by 48 feet mostly on my own. The DVD was well thought out and very easy to follow. Thank you.”
— Michael Lobby
Scappoose, Oregon

“A few years ago I needed a new dog house. My guys needed something big and I needed to be able to get inside and keep it clean. It was looking like a pipe dream until I started getting your help with online lessons! I built my dogs a 2 room dog house I could walk in only slightly stooped. The 2 best things were 1-it is very comfortable for my dogs, and 2-I could afford it. I did it all by myself – because people thought I was nuts, but now everyone wants to see the straw dog house. Everyone wants one for themselves. All I did was read your lessons, and my first try out, I did it!”
— Paula
Lexington, SC

“Andrew, I was so excited to receive your DVD in the mail after reading your webpage. It was so well put together, and really a beautiful thing to watch. As a plasterer in Las Vegas, working on high-rise towers in the concrete jungle, it was a breath of fresh air to see what you can do with the natural resources of the Earth. I can’t wait for the next DVD in April. Maybe some day, I will try my own straw bale house.”
— Darren Enns
Las Vegas, Nevada

“I have really enjoyed the videos. They have really helped me to understand the building process with straw bale structures.”
— Kim
Mansfield TX USA

“While drawing up my next house’s plans, I’m enjoying watching your set of DVDs I bought last December. They’re clear and straight to the point, free from jargon or silly technicalities common to most ‘how-to’ programs. Keep on with the good work.”
— Marcus Cremonese
Sydney, Australia

“I always assumed there was enough info out there for a straw bale structure when I got around to building one but I did not expect the level of accessible information and professional support that Andrew Morrison is providing.”
— Paul Liotsakis
Alameda, California

The DVDs are a great resource, the explanations are clear, and it is fun and fascinating to watch them. They are not of the kind that show you the fun and easy bits (omitting the hard parts), they’re honest and explain very well what will hit you when you get involved with straw.”
— Hubert Smits
Erie, CO

Andrew’s Straw Bale DVD’s are excellent. If you’re thinking of building, they offer invaluable assistance and information.”
— Rick Knous
Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks to your Straw Bale Success lessons, I have decided to build a new home with Straw Bales. I would never have thought I would be able to do this on my own. Your DVD’s and success stories have put me over the top and I am now ready and confidant enough to do this.
— John Simpson
Powell River, British Columbia

“We really appreciate the straw bale construction and plastering DVD set. There is so much great information there that is going to help when we soon build our own straw bale house.”
— Stacy Diven
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I’ve been reading about straw bale buildings for a couple of years, but Andrew, I have to say you are a natural teacher. You deal with real issues in the lessons I’ve seen, and handle it with actual how-to answers. Great motivation to continue in my quest to become a resident of a straw bale home! Thanks.”
— Sharon Waldie
Columbus, OH USA

“I have learned more about straw bale construction from these folks than from any other source.”
— Ken le Masurier
Fenelon Falls On Canada

“The DVD was very comprehensive and informative. I feel that I can tackle my straw bale building project with confidence now!
–Bill Ashwell
Kathmandu, Nepal

“I have been studying straw bale construction for about a year. Your instructions have been the best I’ve encountered so far. You’ve already saved me many potential headaches. Thanks.”
— Martha Currin
Centreville, VA

Your DVD’s were exceptional — well worth the cost many times over.
— Judy Curmi
Seattle, WA

“I really appreciated the DVD on plastering. Very practical and loaded with information. Nothing else available like it. Thank you.”
— Lee Wright
Big Bear Lake, California

Thanks for the DVDs guys, they are very comprehensive, I show them to many friends, and now we are a big crew of people who want to start their own straw bale house. Keep going and find time to come over in France and help us with our project : ) Cheers.”
— Gael
Metabief, France

“My husband and I are so grateful to have found you! We are still in the planning stages of our load bearing straw bale, but your comprehensive DVD’s and weekly lessons have been invaluable in laying out the step-by step process in terms easily understood and often revisited. We are excited about the release of your new load bearing DVD- it should be just the ticket for answering those last-minute questions before diving in to our project! Thanks so much!”
— Keena Kimmel
Hesperus, CO

Thank you for the Straw Bale lessons, weekly minute and news letter blog and especially the DVDs. Not only have I been able to learn a lot but I’ve been able to help my friends out with their straw homes as well and show them the DVDs. Looking forward to your next DVDs!”
— Mark Zambrano

“I had 5 college students working on by straw bale house trying to finish it before the Army deployed me to Iraq. My helpers/workers did not have much (if any) construction experience. I had them watch the straw bale/plastering DVD before they could work for me. Before each phase they had to re-watch the DVD. With out the great instruction I would not have completed my house on time and the city would have issued a court order to have it demolished while I was fighting in Iraq.”
— John Schulz
GESTAPO Missouri

“Andrew, I purchased your Post & Beam Infill, Plastering with NHL and Monolithic Concrete Slab DVD’s and want to offer you my heart felt thanks. They walked me through step by step and answered all my questions, they gave me a direction, a road map if you will, to allow me to build my own dream which will start if all goes well in Aug, 2007. Let me just say the DVD’s were/are worth every penny, Thank you once again!
— Dennis Robertson
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“The most comprehensive and understandable package I’ve seen so far. I like the way the DVDs are broken down into subjects for easy assimilation & understanding.”
— Martin Greenbank
Boise, Idaho, USA

“Finally someone offers a real ‘how to’ that explains building with straw bale! I have searched from place to place to find all the information that is provided right here in your videos!”
— John B.
Gainesville, FL

“The knowledge contained here is absolutely a requirement for all who are contemplating building with straw. Whether you do it yourself or supervise the construction, this will keep you on track. Highly recommended!”
— Frank Gregg
Lafayette, Colorado

“Andrew, My husband and I watch a portion of your Straw Bale DVD every week; going over and over it. Every time we re-watch a portion, we catch something new, and are able to ‘tweak’ our own home design a bit more, and have gotten so many valuable tips and insights, the DVD is worth twice what we paid for it, easily! We feel we will really be prepared when we build, which will be soon!”
— Kate and Michael B.
Atlanta, Georgia

“Andrew, I have been watching the DVDs I got from you over and over again and the clarity and detail are absolutely great. I plan to build a load bearing Straw Bale home and am amazed that you are coming out with that DVD just in time for me to begin construction. It is as if you are holding my hand guiding me to a healthy, energy saving home that will not drain my resources as time goes by. I look forward to having folks come over for a fun mud party as we encapsulate the bale walls. Thank you.”
— Alan Bernard
Briarcliff, Arkansas

I have learned more from your DVD than I did through the ‘hands on’ class I took. Your DVD is easy to understand, you make it look easy, and I know it isn’t. I am chomping at the bit to jump in and get started when I retire to Rio Rancho, New Mexico. What you are doing is supplying the ‘wannabe’ straw bale builders with some much needed information and guidance. I appreciate what you are doing and Thanks.”
— Arlington Kennedy
Tucson, Arizona

“Andrew: Thanks so much for making the DVDs. My husband and I have learned much from them. Seeing the procedures was so much more clear than just reading about them in a book. Your work was meticulous and your words were precise. Keep up the good work. You’ve done a lot for SB enthusiasts.”
— Kathy Wells
Cheraw, SC

I wish I would have had access to your materials before I built my last straw bale project.
— Trevor
Lethbridge , Alberta CANADA

“Andrew, I have just about every straw bale book I can find and they are very educational, but being able to watch someone actually do each stage of the building process as they are teaching makes all the difference. I am currently building a Post and Beam Infill and was planning on contracting someone to do the stucco(very expensive) until I read the information about and ordered your plastering DVD. Thanks a million.”
— Tim King
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Andrew, Thank you so much for your weekly straw bale lessons or Straw bale Minute. I have had an interest in alternative building methods since I first got introduced to them in 70’s. I’ve acquired some land in Arkansas and can’t wait to start building Straw bale structures beginning with a workshop, then a house. When I heard how fireproof straw bale construction is compared to stick framing I decided I can safely have my blacksmithing shop inside. Thanks again for your willingness to share your knowledge & experiences with us all.
— Dean Hutchins
Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

“, and all of the amazing resources found there, is the reason I started seriously considering building my own straw bale house in the first place. Your videos on Foundations, Straw Bale Construction, and Plastering provided the kind of step-by-step information that this straw bale novice needed to understand the process and to have the confidence to dive into my own project. I can’t wait for the next video on Load Bearing Straw Bale.”
— Steve Ives
Pagosa Springs, CO

We (my children and I) love you web site and instructional videos. We are hoping to start our straw bale home this summer.
— diannia
Indpls. IN

Your straw bale lessons are the very best available on the Internet. They have answered many hard to get answer to questions. Thanks so much for advancing knowledge on the best building technology for a a soon to be energy-deficient world.”
— David Platt
Toronto, Canada

“Even though our home is still in the design stage, we have relied heavily on your DVDs and online classes while making our plans. Thank you for your generosity in answering all the questions I have sent your way!”
— Kate Goldsworthy
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

“Hi Andrew I’ve been thinking about building a straw bale home for several years and collected a vast number of tips. Nothing came anywhere close to the package you were putting together on your DVD. So incredible complete and comprehensive, I have thrown most of my collection out. Your disk is all one needs to go from slab to rooftop. I almost gave up my initial dream of building a load bearing construction – fortunately I don’t have to do that now… ”
— Chris Bschaden
Charleston, New Brunswick, Canada

Of the three Straw Bale DVDs I’ve invested in so far, Andrew’s was by far the most informative. He doesn’t skip any of the steps and gives good detail on how to go from foundation to the finish coat of plaster. I feel like I could complete a small project on my own based on what he’s taught me. Thanks for continuing your efforts to educate people about the wonders of straw bale construction!”
— Melissa Roberts
Burnsville, North Carolina

“I never realized just how easy it was to build a beautiful straw bale home! Your videos helped me understand that building with straw is just as easy, if not simpler, as traditional construction and the wonderful, heavily insulated, thick walls are built in!”
— Christopher Hyer
Bernalillo, New Mexico

“I was very impressed with the thorough job on foundations. I am starting my home building project in April 2007 and this information is extremely valuable and timely.
— Larry McGee
Ft. Payne, Alabama

“I am from South Korea. Your DVD arrived and watched it. Wow So Great. Your straw bale Home and DVD make me feel wonderful and fantastical. It is great. Take care of yourself and thanks for the great information. I love you
— Kevin Chun. Chung-Soo
Chungnam, South Korea

Just loved your videos! Can’t wait until the new one comes out…should be good too.
— Doug Bauer
Stoney Lake, Ontario

“I sit daily dreaming about building a straw bale home. Watching your DVDs and reading your on line lessons fuel my belief that one day this too will be a dream fulfilled for me and my family. I really appreciate your dedication to this necessary and beautiful building alternative.
— Robin Goodman
Wilmington, NC

You guys are the only source I’d truly trust. My first straw bale project will start in a couple of months, and would not be accomplished without the input I’ve gotten from your lessons.”
— John Cross
San Antonio, Texas

“Love your website!  I have so many questions and you’ve given me so many answers.  Wouldn’t be able to build a strawbale house without you guys!”
–Stephen LeMaistre, BC[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]