Debunking Straw Bale Myths: What You Need to Know

Written by Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison head shotThere are a lot of myths out there about straw bale construction. There are people who will tell you that homes built with straw bales will encourage rodents and other pests. They may also warn you against the high likelihood of fire in a straw bale home. Perhaps they would even go so far as to suggest that straw bale houses cannot hold their value over time. The naysayers are around, and that is not likely to change anytime soon; however, you can find out the facts for yourself by watching this video below. Don’t rely on those who would speak false information as if it were truth. My goal with is to get the truth about straw bale construction in front of as many people as possible.

The above video is a short clip about the myths of straw bale construction. It quickly sums up some of the biggest myths. Like those mentioned above, and counters them with facts about the reality of straw bale construction. At the end, there is a 3 minute (or so) slide show with music through some beautiful straw bale homes. I hope you enjoy it. is full of useful information that will arm you with the facts about building with bales. What’s better, most of that information is free! We have articles, an instructional E-course, an interactive blog, a free Load Bearing Straw Bale Construction report, audio podcasts, photo galleries, a green building resource center, and on line videos that give you all kinds of information about straw bale construction and green construction, absolutely free.

My want is to get this amazing building technique in front of as many people as possible so they can see its value. I hope you’ll help me spread the word and start growing the green industry even more quickly than it is already moving!

Want to learn more about straw bale houses and how to build one? Want to do so for FREE? Sign up for our totally free 16 Day Straw Bale eCourse! Find out more HERE.

56 Responses

  1. 1st
    Awesome site!
    Who would I contact about building codes in my area?
    3rd is there any known homes or other building in my area that I could show my family to help sell them on the idea?
    I live in Big Rapids Michigan.

  2. Hi Harvey.

    1. Thanks.
    2. I would start by talking with people who have already built in Michigan and/or your specific area to learn what/who to watch out for in the codes department. After that, simply call the building department and ask what details you need to consider to build a SB house. You might do it anonymously at first in case they freak out! 🙂 That way if they say no way because of A, B, and C…you can compile the answers to those concerns and approach them from a place of education later on when you are ready to do so.
    3. Check out the folks at this link for people who have built in Michigan. I’m sure there are others, but it’s a start.

  3. Andrew; Thanks for the great web site, What about using standard building materials (earth friendly of course), i was thinking of a farm house design post and beam with possibly clap board type siding to appear to be an old victorian Michigan farm house, wrap around porch of course to keep the moisture away from the structure, any thoughts?

  4. Hi Brian. It can certainly be done/ You would need to address specific details about how the siding sits over the bales and how to dress the bales prior to adding the siding, but it is certainly possible. Let me know if you want help moving forward.

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