AZ, NM, CA, ID, TX, NV areas

My name is Steve Arledge I am a broker. Primarily buying and selling alfalfa and straw. I also sell real estate in this state of Arizona. My phone 480 290 5720 my email [email protected]

CO area

Frank Fry in Fruita, Colorado. The bales are two string wheat and very tight. Certified weed free. The only negative is that they are not protected from the weather, which is basically okay if they are picked up within a reasonable time frame. Will deliver. 970-234-7181


Andy Thomson
size are most popular. –   14 x 18 x 29  –
long or rotor combined straw
tightly bound to  7.5 pounds / cubic foot for building requirements approx. 32 pound weight per bale.
string is usually poly
I can meet whatever needs people request