Taking Our Hockey Team to Canada!

Written by Andrew Morrison

ice hockey team celebrating
Sorry for the long pause here on the blog. I have been slammed with a surprise event that is taking all my “extra” time. The surprise is that we’re taking our hockey team to Canada for an amazing opportunity. As you may already know, I have a huge passion in my life other than teaching straw bale construction (I know it’s hard to believe anything could be more exciting than straw bale construction).

My other passion is coaching the kids on the 12 and under hockey team here in Medford, Oregon. This last week, our team traveled to San Jose, California to take part in the Pacific Regional Championship for the International Silver Stick Hockey Tournament. Our kids did an amazing job and won the whole tournament for their age level. There were over 1400 kids at this tournament so winning was a big deal. We have now been invited to the international finals in Ontario, Canada! This is as good as it gets for youth hockey. It is truly the Stanley Cup of youth hockey!

We have created a website to track the progress of our team on our quest to the cup! There is a lot to do and much preparation to make before we go. Of course a big part has to do with raising money. Sorry to throw the plug in here, but we need a lot of help. We are a small town team with no corporate sponsorship in place. The parents pay the way for the whole team.

The website has lots of information about the team and the kids. In fact, in the coming days we will be adding individual pages for each kid so that their fans can get information on their stats (goals, assists, save percentage, etc.). There is also a great little video about our team and what a long road it has been to this point.

Check out our website:
Be sure to watch the video with the audio up!

Paiute Morrison ice hockey
The Sweet Taste of Victory!

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