Tiny House/Straw Bale Framing Video

Written by Andrew Morrison

Terra Morrison on Straw Bale House Window SeatIf you’ve been wanting a How-To guide to Framing Video to add to your collection, the wait is over! Straw bale construction is a wonderful building technique whether you are building a tiny house or standard size home.  It offers walls that are not only three times more fire resistant than standard construction but also three times the energy efficiency of conventional construction In addition, the process uses a waste material that would otherwise be burned in the field or thrown into the landfill, creating huge levels of air pollution and general waste. The process is very easy to learn too, even for people with no prior building experience (think stacking large Legos). All this while creating a beautiful, inspiring, and peaceful home environment.

To offer more options to our tiny house friends, we have designed a brand new straw bale structure named the Mountain View Cabin. It is a 198sqft, often no-permit required structure that has been specifically designed for ease of construction, maximum use of space and for the lowest cost possible to build. The Mountain View Cabin is also the very structure that we use as the instructional subject of our instant download framing video entitled: “How To Frame For Straw Bale Construction.” This production is nearly 3 hours long, and is chock full of all the details you would need to know to build the Mountain View Cabin or any other straw bale structure, no matter what the size.

tiny house straw bale cabin from framing videoWith the inclusion of this video to our existing line of How-To instruction videos, one can learn the entire building process of how to create their own straw bale home from the ground up. We now cover everything from Foundation, to Framing, To Baling (which includes electrical and plumbing installations), and finally to Plastering. So you can build from the ground up, foundation to plaster, with confidence. You can get the entire How-to Video Series of instant download videos, including the framing video, on sale for just $40 (regular $79)! To learn more, please CLICK HERE.

Happy Baling, and now…Happy Framing too!

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