To New Chapters and New Friends

Written by Timbo Scursso

Join us in celebrating new chapters, community, and, of course, straw bale building! So many pieces have aligned to make this feel like a moment of true synchronicity. Our gratitude to Andrew and Gabriella Morrison for entrusting us as the caretakers of the community. 

New Chapters and New Friends

We feel honored to continue their legacy of empowering straw bale builders like yourself with quality resources and support – no matter what stage of learning you are at or where your project stands. Our motivation and mission is to elevate the craft of straw bale building through experiential education opportunities, online learning, community events, partnership, and more. 

We are Timbo Scursso and Dainella “Dee” Nartker (jokingly referred to as team DeeBo!) 

Timbo brings 20+ years of straw bale design-build experience and knowledge to help you achieve your straw bale home dreams with workshops, one-on-one consulting for your project needs, plans review, crew training, stock house plans, and technical learning content. Watch this 2 min video to learn more about Timbo’s approach to straw bale design and construction.

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A career in building his designs has led to a deep understanding of the tremendous value that thoughtful design brings. It permeates all levels of decision-making for him, from concept to job site organization to producing a beautiful, flowing home that feels deeply connected to place and people.  See more of his work at

Reaching and engaging a larger audience in the straw bale culture has been a significant motivator in leading Timbo from designer/builder to educator and community builder. He believes each person has something unique, special, and meaningful to offer. As’s curator, Timbo looks to create the most optimal environment to allow you to come into yourselves as builders. The experience of seeing the smile on the face of a student as they “get it” can’t be beaten.

You’ll see Dainella at your workshop experience, sharing job site knowledge and providing logistical support on and offline. From her DIY rural upbringing and construction career in the electrical trade (residential and remote job sites in Antarctica), she brings a solution-oriented, expedition-style attitude to every project. There is no ‘stupid’ question in her opinion, and she’s happiest when supporting people to feel confident in their straw bale adventure – whether it is sharing basic tool use or connecting you to resources.

Before the trades, she trained in experiential education and outdoor pursuits leadership & risk management. While seasonally working on USFS fire and timber crews, she completed an Environmental Science degree at the University of Oregon. After leaving the electrical trade, she developed the skills necessary to manage through business ventures and co-creating women’s leadership retreats. Her background is a perfect meld for facilitating the unique and memorable experiences workshops provide.

But, what truly drew her to’s new chapter is you: the brave individual who is stepping into learning and motivated to choose your adventure through straw bale construction. Her fuel is the chance to walk beside you, provide support, and witness your dreams unfold. In you, in your choice to take a step into unknowns, she sees hope for the planet and endless inspiration. 

From technical expertise to ‘summer camp for adults’ workshops – we couldn’t be more delighted to offer our skills to empower you to achieve your straw bale home dreams.

In support,

Timbo & Dainella

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