Using Plastic Bottles as Lights

Written by Andrew Morrison

I had not thought of using plastic bottles as lights until I came across this fascinating story. I was sent a link to a great video today that I want to share with you all. To me, this is a perfect example of simplicity. Why over think the problem? Address the issue with simple solutions and you will likely find success.

In this case, the issue was a lack of light in homes in the Philippines. Because the homes in the neighborhoods involved in this story are made of tin and are not outfitted with windows, even the brightest days of the week don’t affords the inhabitants much, if any, light indoors. With the cost of electricity too high, many are left to live in the dark day in and day out.

I hope you enjoy this inspiring video on how plastic soda bottles became the simple solution to brightening the homes, and lives, of these people. There are other equally inspiring videos out there that speak to this same solution. In one of them, it is said that the bottles actually provide light equal to 55 watt bulbs! That’s amazing. You can see the happiness in the faces of the people who have received these “lights.” It’s amazing what a simple solution can do to change someone’s world.


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